Maje Spring/Summer’11

I was at a ladies wear Spring/Summer trends showcase the other morning and, whilst inhaling my Brioche and Cappuccino, was introduced to the North West’s latest French infiltration.
Maje is a French fashion label that has been propelled to popularity in our fair old Brity since that chick from Harry Potter sported a lacey top on VOGUE’s cover. Some PR got a raise ‘eh?
So, the label have opened a stand-alone in London and also are available in London’s Selfridges on Oxford Road but I was introduced to the Maje collections in the only other UK outlet in Selfridges Manchester Trafford. The brand occupies a significant percentage of the ladies wear concessions department and stands alongside fellow French import Sandro, whose elbow pads got me and Katie from Stylist magazine all just a little bit too excited. I must remember to buy a sewing machine and subsequently take over the world with hot elbow pads.
Anywho, Maje has had it so good in the UK that their French HQ are setting up shop in the UK to closely analysis their slow invasion of the UK premium fashion sector. I quizzed, just about whoever would listen including a rather petrified Sales Advisor, whether Maje would be adding a North Western division to its UK operations. No one was sure. 
I wonder, will Maje aim to navigate the NW from London without popping up to say hello OR will the French brand realise the benefits of regional brand investment and make the leap to a North Western arm?
Only time will tell, in the meantime have a gander at these pretty pictures – gotta have a bit of ladies stuff on ‘ere I s’pose.
Selfridges & Co Ltd

Suits you?

Online bespoke tailoring service A Suit That Fits are offering a career starting chance to budding designers to have their designs made and sold! Quite the leg-up don’t ya think?

A Suit That Fits are running a competition which offers young budding designers the chance to submit their designs to be in the running to be created and sold online at, and event generating a 10% income p/sale for the three winners!

A judging panel will narrow all submissions down to just 10, which will then face the British Public! The judges are T4’s Rick Edwards, The Online Fashion Agency’s Leon Bailey-Green, Alan Cannon-Jones from LCF and Mighel Critton, the Product Development Manager for A Suit That Fits.

Designs need to be in for the 31st of March and can be submitted by:

emailed in .PDF or .JPEG format to

or posted to, Design Competition, The Biscuit Factory, J411/12, 100 Clements Road, Bermondsey, London, SE16 4DG.
All designs must incorporate the A Suit That Fits fabrics, which can be see here, and consist of a minimum of a trouser, coat and shirt.


Tag, I’m it!

I’ve been a busy pea these last few weeks. So, in light of my revision nightmare I’m going to plan this blog before writing it.
Introduction: DONE
1. Post-Christmas trauma
2. Exam revision 
3. Moving house
4. Sale shopping 
5. Conclusion
Those of you delightful stalkers that follow my life on Twitter will no doubt already know about all of this and more.
So, Christmas was amazing. I didn’t want it to end, hence being so bloody late with my Xmas review. I got lots of lovely pressies and gave some homemade joy too. Adam and I (in a bid to save money) made: candles, bath bombes, gingerbreadmen, soaps, shortbread, truffles, decorations and more (and ended up spending a fortune!) But it was fun.
This is me being all Wolf Whistle with my new camera from Mother and Father and my new Fashion Rambler (publicity whore) bag from the rents too (I know, cool parents ‘eh?)
Hair, not done (I’ve been busy!)
T-Shirt, Religion
Jeans, H&M
Socks, ASOS
New Flat’s funky mirror, included in rent. 
2. Revision Hell. Why would I bore you with that?
3. Moving House. We’ve moved from our lovely green-house of a glass box to a bigger more comfortable premises in the historic heart of Manchester. 
Google Maps
The Victorian train lines go over head, the canal systems merge with the old Mills (now £3,500 pcm Penthouses and Key 103 FM HQs) and the bars sell £4.50 pints. The whole place, an urban heritage park, is beautiful and Mancunian and post-industrial and amazing. Very fitting since I’m currently reading Shirley and it’s all about Yorkshire Mills and petticoats. Outfit posts feat. the surroundings coming soon (maybe even a petticoat)
4.  Sale Shopping: I think the sales have been poor this year. Just pants. Although I found an amazing Galliano Tee (The Galliano Gazette Tee) for Harvey Nichols from £105 to £75!!! I hesitated, waiting for final reductions. When they came the Harvey Nichols Manchester twitter announced the reductions, I tweeted them to ask if the Tee was reduced, IT WAS! So, I ran to the store and….they had sold out. Online too. GUTTED.
5. Conclusion: Sara Wilson, my absolute favourite, has tagged me in one of those tag-a-blogger-for-stupid-reasons games that I (secretly) love.
So, I now have to write seven things about myself… pointless procrastination (much needed)
1. I was deaf when I was born and make up for it by being all loud and stuffs.
2. I had a love affair with London, until I went to New York… though Manchester will forever be my home.
3. I have a thing about tidiness and cleanliness, my home must be orderly for my brain to be.
4. My Mother is my bestest friend, don’t care what Freud would say.
5. I study English Literature despite being dyslexic and never having time to read.
6. I went to a press day yesterday at Selfridges Manchester Trafford and made the Fashion Editor of Manchester Confidential lol when I did a U-turn from a PR trying to get me to sample Sandro S/S’11.
7. I have not even been blogging for a year and consider it one of my bestest hobbies ever.
Now to tag: Buckets & Spades, Male Mode, Fuck Off Kitty: Confessions of a Disney Princess, Disney Roller Girl, Wolf Whistle, Tweet, Dinky’s Delights I can’t be bothered with hyperlinking anyone else… TAGS TO EVERYONE!
Selfridges & Co Ltd

The Denim Doctor

I went to see the Doctor the other day. Not just any Doctor, oh no, The Denim Doctor. I was interested to meet the man that has reinvented tailoring, certainly in the North West, and was surprised to step into one of the most interesting work shops I’ve ever seen.
James Personal Tailoring & Son is on Cross Street in Manchester and has recently opened a new surgery for old and worn denim. Mike Pendlebury (the ‘Son’ of the business name) began the venture to help attract customers who would other wise not use a bespoke service.
If you’re interested in learning a little more about The Denim Doctor and his range of amazing services, click here
If you’re interested in the amazing workshop, scroll down.
Could this be any more British?
That’s my coffee cup…

The entrance, on the wall are photos of the Tailor’s famous clients. Click here to see more.