Fashion Rambler meet Jonathan Stoner, MD Phillip Stoner

As the now infamous JLo song goes (kinda), I was fooled by the rocks that Phillip Stoner’s got, I’m still, I’m still, craving them alot. True to the song too is the story of the brand, first they had a little now they have a lot, but they certainly know where they came from (Bradford).

I met with MD Jonathan Stoner at the company’s new flagship on the Avenue in Spinningfields the other day. Jonathan (no, not Mr Stoner) is a lovely guy with a hands on approach to his diamond company, working 6 days a week on the shop floor (doing what, I am not sure) and rarely taking holidays. Jonathan took over the North West diamond and platinum specialist twenty years ago after his father built it up from a small independent to a chain of well respected jewellers.

When asked about the recent openning of their latest flagship in Manchester, Stoner said: “Manchester seemed like the right move.” Sitting alongside international fashion brands like Armani and Mulberry the Phillip Stoner store in Spinningfields certainly looks the part. However, how might a company specialising in diamonds survive the choppy waters of the recession? Stoners answer: “i took the company more upmarket”….Ok… Now sourcing direct from New York, Mumbai and Hong Kong the company can retain quality and remain competitive – method in the madness it would seem.

The company has grown year on year and serves as an example within the retail sector that whilst the highstreet drowns for the high end it’s plain sailing. Or not quite, as the case may be, Jonathan was quick to point out that the brand and the team have worked very hard “much more than we have had to in the past” to keep sales coming in and diamonds exchanging hands.

One of the ways that Phillip Stoner are working hard is with New and Social Media. A transactional website, backed up by a new Twitter feed and Facebook is putting premium jewellery on the Google map. I asked how sales of jewellery starting at £2,000.00 fared on the notoriously faster paced and lower priced world of etail, the answer: they don’t.  Phillip Stoner introduced the new Italian brand TiSento into the online mix to bring the price point down to meet with the virtual customer piggy bank.

A fabulous brand with a plan for the future, look out for Phillip Stoner.


Digital Marketing

Went to an event about Digital Marketing in the fashion sector a while back. Was dead interesting.
The world of Digital Marketing kinda interests me a bit and it is something I have started working in quite a bit lately. The art of becoming a YouTube sensation and having millions of Facebook Friends is something companies are desperate for and something companies are paying people in the know to do for them. Who’d have thought that all that time I spent on Facebook when I should have been listening in class would actually pay off? (stay in school kids)
Have a gander at this article about the event. (because I’m waiting for a curry and cba writing about it tbh)
Oh, and, what are your favourite online marketing campaigns?


Photos by Rebecca Rae

Easter Holiday Packing.

Well, I’m off to the south for some sun and home cooking. Wanna see inside my bag? Of course you do!
TM Lewin slim fit pale blue Shirt
ZARA Salmon Chinos
Tiffany Silver Cufflinks
Easter Sunday dinner with my family and the in laws.
TOPMAN Scoop neck tee
TOPMAN Micro Shorts
Kuychi bracelet
HandM Belt
Friday is for chilling.
Calvin Klein Shirt
TOPMAN Trousers
Dinner with friends on Saturday night
BBQ on Monday evening
Jack and Jones Jumper to pair with the above in case of cold.
Gifted to me whilst at Stitch Menswear
And everything is packed away in here, a sports bag gifted to me by the lovely people at Gola. You can see my recommendation for this bag in VIVA Magazine Winter/Spring Issue.

Happy Easter Holidays
TM Lewin and Sons Ltd.


Elle Magazine/BFC Talent Launch Pad Party at Hervia Bazaar for Eudon Choi and Holly Fulton

Was at a do the other night. The cocktails were unbelievable. I have told everyone. The Alchemist know their mixing. The other interesting part of the party? Eudon Choi and Holly Fulton were there. 

As part of the Elle Magazine and British Fashion Council’s Talent Launch Pad scheme (breathes) the two young designers (among others) are being supported by the magazine power house and the BFC. As part of the award for getting to the finals each designer gets a spread in the magazine, stocked in a premium independent boutique (Hervia representing the NW) and also presence at LFW and PFW. Excellent.

So, I know what you’re dying to know. What was I wearing? Wonder know more!

Jacket: Vintage RAF Dress Uniform (wore it for my Prom!)
Trousers: TOPMAN
Dog Tags: Real, my Dad’s from the Army.
I mingled the crowds with the ever chic Anna Westerman (Editor at STYLE etc. Magazine) and my partner in interviewing-crime Emma Doyle of The Fashion Network.
One (or two) cocktails later and I was stood in front of Holly Fulton with my Dictaphone. I have to say, her designs blew me away. Having known little of her fame before hand I left wanting to find out more. Inspired by the idea of style icon Joan Collins boarding a Med Cruise, the collection was formed from wearable chic shift dresses and blouses that follow similar graphic prints inspired by North African tribes. The similarities between the items meant mixing and matching was encouraged, even with the bold art-deco earrings and bracelets. 

You can see my interview with Miss Fulton here.
Of Eudon Choi’s designs I knew a little more, since he is already stocked in the North at premium indie, Black White Denim.

Choi was so modest and nervous and lovely. He was genuinely so happy to be part of the scheme and was just proud to now be following in the footsteps of his famous classmate, Holly Fulton. Choi’s SS collection is entitled Industrial Revolution and follows along the lines of his past in menswear design. Sartorial tailoring techniques come together to create a feminine look with edge. His AW collection looks set to continue with this theme as he is keen to remain constant as he emerges into the fashion world.

If you’d like to see my interview with Eudon Choi, click here 


Flannels Grand Launch on The Avenue in Manchester’s Spinningfields

I went to a do the other day, a cocktail party held at Flannels to commemorate their flagship superstore on The Avenue in Manchester’s corporate quarter, Spinningfields. 

I went for Riviera whilst ever other gent went for Mad Men in stuffy suits. Silly.

Deck Shoes: KG By Kurt Geiger
 Inspired by: Henri Lloyd S/S’11
The Alchemist (the hawt spot of the momento) provided too-good-to-pass-up drinks and the canapes were proper grub! Mini newspaper cones filled with fish ‘n chips, cottage pie pots and even mini hamburgers. Phaww!
The store is pretty magnificent too, a huge airy space jam-packed with the best The Avenue has to offer. Mathew Williamson, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, Joseph, Carven…. you name it, they stock it.

I adored the merchandising, the simplicity never stopped amazing me. The picture speak for themselves.

Radio One favourites Frisky and Manish popped by for a rather fabulous set. I am hooked, so should you be:

Henri Lloyd Selfridges & Co Ltd Arcadia Group Brands Ltd


Nicky Clarke Salon Launch, Manchester Spinningfields

Went to a launch the other night. Was a rather excellent do. Mr Clarke opened his latest (and biggest) salon to a swam of paps, WAGS and Hollyoaks stars. Bonus.

I didn’t take my own photos because I was a little too busy uber-mingling to get my SLR out. Mega fail. However, I wore John Galliano (controversial) and TOPMAN Ltd.

Cupcakes from HeyLittleCupcake, drinks from Alchemist and straighteners from NClarke. That’s how you do it baby.