Fashion Rambler meet Heidi Gosman

After a delay of volcanic proportions Heidi Gosman of Heidi Klein touched down at Manchester’s Harvey Nichols to chat to me about her latest venture. Menswear.
The London shopkeeper boasts two swim and holiday-wear boutiques in Westbourne Grove and Chelsea. After a significant impact online with both their own buy label other brands stocked Gosman and her business partner at going global. Stores are planned for Miami, New York and Montenegro whilst pop-ups are being tested in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols ahead of possible national expansion.
Another feather in Gosman’s cap will soon be that of menswear designer, adding menswear to the online store.
I had to test her skills out…
Fashion Rambler: Speedos, Boxer Briefs or Shorts?
Heidi Gosman: Never Speedos! It’s the shorts. I think men need more choice, as I think menswear is where womenswear was ten years ago and men are becoming more savvy and going on holiday more.
FR: European influence I think, Italian men get swimwear.
HG: Yes! The women on the continent change bikinis all day!
FR: Flip-flops or sandals?
HG: Flip-flops, but nice ones. You can get nice sandals sometimes but flip-flops are great.]

FR: Foot care for men?
HG: They have to do it. I was in St. Tropez last week and this really nice looking young boy was just getting off one of the yachts. He walked past and his feet were…. well, the illusion had just gone!
FR: Parasol or Windbreaker?
FR: Parasol of Windbreaker?
I think a windbreaker can look quite nice and retro… with a deckchair (we use them a lot in our windows)
FR: Quite Victorian… Beer or Cocktail?
HG: Cocktail.
And she was doing so well.

My favourite picks for the current offer?

 Vilerequin Shorts £110.00, buy here

Vilebrequin Vintage Shorts, £80.00, buy here

You can see the full interview with Heidi here.

END. & Esquire hunt for Britain’s Best Dressed Real Man in Manchester

Sorry for the lack of posting-joy of late. I’ve been a busy pea. I have five minutes to let you know about a night out I had the other day. were in town, with Esquire Magazine, looking for Britain’s Best Dressed Real Man. I didn’t enter, I thought it was fair to let the little people have a chance at glory.
Here is one such person (he was with a friend of mine and he is lovely! [name escapes me] We pushed him into entering because he was the only guy there not in a Man Men suit!)
Here are some of the rest!
Annnnd then we went to a cocktail party in Epernay to celebrate the launch of Bad Taste In Men, Good Taste In Shoes.

Me with Anna and Anna of STYLE Etc. Magazine
Denim Jkt, Wrangler,
T, Zoe Karssen at BlackWhiteDenim
Jeans, Wrangler

American Apparel Fail

Bought from American Apparel the other day. Not exactly a nice experience.

Firstly, the website isn’t user friendly. I got attracted to the site from a Tweet from @americanapparel advertising ‘20% off Basics’, could I find the discounted basics? Could I hell. It wasn’t until the checkout that I was informed that the discount was automatic….
The categories are also confusing. Each banner link presents with it a plethora of other options, but navigating the options throughout the platform (i.e. from bracelets to shorts) is not so easy.

So. Anyway, I went to the checkout after getting 10% off for signing up to the newsletter. Brill. I then got an email to push for more info in return for 15% off. Bonus. I went through the questions and filled in my deets to get my 15% off discount code. Input it, got the discount and made my purchase.
Or so I thought. My code miraculously turned into the 10% code and reverted back and I lost my discount. Upon realising this I tweeted @americanapparel for help, as I would have tweeted @ASOS_HereToHelp and I’ve yet to receive a reply. Why have a twitter if you’re not going to converse?
In other news: one of the items I paid for isn’t in stock and I’ve got to wait 3 week for it.
I love American Apparel and I love what the brand does globally BUT come on!

Joe Corre’s: A Child of the Jago

I went to a bit of a do the other night and guess who I bumped into. Vivienne Westwood’s son and founder of Agent Provocateur, Joe Corre. Corre was at Hervia Bazaar (the boutique his company Hervia owns in Manchester) with business partner Simon Armitage (not the poet) who works with Corre on the London brand A Child of the Jago.
HAHA. Can you see me laughing my head off in this snap?
If you haven’t heard of the brand before you may, at first glance, perceive it as a slight Westwood rip off with not much to say. How wrong you are my child, Jago has a lot to say. 
Inspired by the novel of the same name by Arthur Morrisson the brand looks to fight against consumerism-gone-nuts and tries to minimise it’s contribution to manufacturing and pollution. By using fabrics that have already been made and that are the left-overs of less conscious fashion, Jago can recycle and run a business without harming the environment.
The flagship is based in the East End of London and is also stocked in Hervia Bazaar in Manchester’s Spring Gardens.
The Spring Summer collection was an eclectic mix of bizarre concoctions, I had to ask exactly what the inspiration was. Armitage told me that the pair don’t watch TV (No, he doesn’t know what X Factor is) and that as a mode of entertainment they wrote a play (as you do). The play was based on the banking crisis and featured a plethora of diverse characters all of whom needed costumes. You got it, the S/S’11 collection is the costume rail for the Jago’s political satire.
The ‘Beggin’ Jacket, worn by a Banker who has nothing left to sell but empty money bags.
based on an antique Railway man’s jackets, the ‘Harry’ was worn by Harry the Hackney Cabbie
The ‘Leopard’ Shirt was worn by a certain man-about-the-public-toilets….
A brand with a message and with an interesting take on theatrics…