A capsule wardrobe for London and Brighton

So. I’m off to London tomorrow and I’m stopping off in Brighton to stay with a friend. I’m popping down to London to interview the gorgeous Jess Hart about her latest Neon Hart collection for Selfridges. I’m also going to the launch of Collective, an eco/ethical premium Tee brand. Lots to blog once I’m back, but for now. Here is my VERY capsule wardrobe.

From top Left. Wranger Black Skinny Jeans for Collective Party, GAP Hoodie for Tuesday in Brighton,  Current/Elliot Jacket for whole trip, Hugo Boss Orange for whole trip, Zara Chinos for Monday in London, TOPMAN vest for Monday in London and Tuesday in Brighton, Beaded accessories for Tuesday in Brighton, TOPMAN shorts for Tuesday in Brighton, Collective Launch invitation, Boss’s Mac Book for work, Zoe Karssen Tee for Collective Party, Clarks Desert Boots for whole trip and Hayfever tablets dead centre.

Also, went to see family for Sunday dinner before my impending London trip and Gran Canaria (July 4th-12th) and got early Birthday presents! €90 and this Sheaffer pen! (excuse horrific photography, I’m in a rush!)


H’atelier: a gold mine of headwear.

I totally forgot to tell you all about another little find of mine. Well, to be fair H’atelier existed before my discovering it but still, let me tell you about it.
Jen is a milliner which means she makes hats. Jen makes hats in a showroom come workshop in Manchester. Jen’s showroom come workshop is called H’atelier (a pun, gold star if you can figure it out).
Want to see Jen’s amazing work space?
It’s a fairy tale girlie space, reminds me of a girlie version of James Personal Tailoring & Son Tailors, which you can see here.
You can read my interview with Jen at The Fashion Network here.

BAGGED: A post of purchases.

I recently came across a blog called BAGGED written by Kenny, which basically lists the items that Kenny has bought. I was also inspired to send my blog mobile by Kenny’s blog, so, if you’re reading it on your smart phone it should be tres easy to do so. Bonus. Oh and also, Kenny works for Oliver Sweeney, lovely shoes and lovely store. See more here.

So! The blog post. Let’s get cracking.
Outfit Uno:

Vest, FCUK at ASOS.com, SALE £9.00
Jeans, Cross Hatch, SALE £26.99
Pumps, Gola (www.schuh.co.uk), SALE £9.99
HA! Left the bloody size sticker on..
These jeans have northern soul, Cross Hatch is a streetwear brand that started in Manchester in 1998. You may have seen their MCR/CROSS/HATCH graphic (G*STAR like) Tees in Burton (www.burton.co.uk). I’m certainly not a ‘streetwear’ person, but I loved the utility cut of these jeans and I think the tapered elasticated ankles and waistband make for a comfortable summer’s Pantaloon. (see, told you I wasn’t street *skips off*)


So, the vest. I love a good vest. This one is over-sized (but not too big) and made from a super-soft jersey so it’s great to slob in as well as dressing up. The neckline is two-ply (for added comfort) and has a frayed hem which I think is a nice touch to a bog-standard gray vest.

The pumps. I saw these and thought of my upcoming summer holiday. Comfortable and rather British deck chair, northern British deck chair to be precise. Gola is another Manc brand, with a 100 years history of making sports fashion for the world. Find out more about the time I met the owner of Gola, Harvey Jacobson, here.

Outfit Deux:

Braced Trousers, Levis at Selfridges (www.selfridges.com), SALE £45.00
Desert Boots, Clarks, SALE £31.00

Love these trousers, been after some for ages! They were the last pair and (nearly) in my size! I had to forget logic and purchase them (plus, 50% off ain’t bad at all!). The colour on the leg fades as it reaches the ground, which I think is a really cool feature.

The braces (never to be worn up) are attached with chocolate leather fastenings. They’re so comfortable too, quite impressed with myself for buying comfortable clothes.

The Tee is a basic Tee, done well. Soft jersey with a tailored cut and scoop neck in a sky blue perfect for SS11 Colour Blocking (because we must be trendy). The Eleven Paris barcode sits neatly on the right arm for a little pompous oomph.

These bad boys have been on my wish list forever. Well, not this pair exactly. I wanted Desert Boots, right? But could I find any I liked? No. The stitched rim around the toes always makes my feet look clownish. These have a neat stitched rim. Their made from a soft suede and the leather wraps around my ankles so snugly that they look great with shorts too! 

Outift Finito:

Vest, ASOS, SALE £4.00
Jewelry, Husam el Odeh for TOPMAN (www.topman.com), Out Of Season Stock

These are brand new to Selfridges and are something special. What makes these skinnies a little more special is that they have heart. Made from 100% organic cotton certified by the Soil Association means that you can feel a little dirty whilst actually being Greenpeace clean. Not only is the cotton uber-eco-friendly but Monkee Genes are against child and slave labour: No blood, no sweat, no tears just plain good (tight) jeans.

What’s brilliant about these jeans, sorry Genes, is that they’re soft. When you’re a boy, with boy legs, that are hairy, skinny jeans can hurt (like a bitch) when you walk. Walking is quite crucial for me and thankfully Monkee understand that. They’ve made a monkee outta me.
Dug out these trinkets recently to commemorate my meeting Husam el Odeh at BlackWhiteDenim. See the video here.


Selfridges Summer Sale

So. Selfridges have gone to sale. One of the leaders in the premium market which means premium indies must follow suit.
In case those premium indies didn’t know Selfridges has gone to sale (which they do) Selfridges has commissioned television adverts and pumped out more emails to trade/affiliates and customers than I’ve ever witnessed.
Plus, they’ve gone straight for the jugular, 75% off. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, shop ’em…

Selfridges & Co


Lily Allen’s Lucy in Disguise North West Launch in Harvey Nichols

Lily Allen was in Manchester on Thursday night to launch her new Lucy In Disguise brand to Harvey Nichols’ Northern flagship. Accompanied by her business partner and sister Sarah Owen Lily was greeted by paps, journos and fans in the second floor ladies wear department of the designer store.
Lily and Sarah at their covert photo call. 
Champagne circulated and brownies on sticks (i know, odd) were munched by girls in vintage inspired attire whilst grammar-phones played tinny tunes (yes, it did get annoying after a little while).
The designer duo arrived by wheels and were ushered into a lift from the security ridden underground car park. The lift hoisted them up to Womenswear where in Personal Shopping a photo-call for the national press was held before Emma Doyle of Manchester Fashion Network brought them out for questioning. The military precision of the exercise is what amazed me, these event always look for effortless and fun but the work that has gone in, behind the scenes, to prevent Miss Allen throwing a hissy, is immense.
can you see me?

A swift 13 minutes of questions, non direct from the floor out of worry for rude hecklers (heckle, moi?), followed and Miss Doyle surpassed my expectations as a rather fantastic interviewer. 

Emma Doyle and the sisters.

On the reasons for going into fashion Sarah, the considerably more business minded of the two, said: “sizing was always key for us”. The Lucy In Disguise store in London brings vintage clothing from around the world into the contemporary shop floor. Vintage sizes are notoriously awkward and Owen saw a market for change. Lily adds that “contemporary wear theses days is quite androgynous and we thought there was a hole in the market for femininity”

 Shirt, Jaegar
Jeans, ASOS,
Boots, Hudson at Schuh (www.schuh.co.uk)
The pair meet with their ghost designer and bring images, cut-outs, film references and books to the table to sketch out the ideas for their creations. The sisters are very much involved in the design process, Owens telling the crowd: “I am taking it very seriously, I’m just not up my own arse with it”. I asked the question as to whether the brand would branch into Menswear, a question which to my surprise was met with laughter from the pair. Lily screamed: “No!…Brucey in Disguise” to the near applause of the audience. She continued, “I’m not sure how I feel about vintage menswear, I don’t find it very sexy”.
That was me told (but I ignored.)
Lisa Stannard, the North West based Illustrator whose work makes up 
 the Lucy In Disguise branding.
The best coverage of the event has to be Lynda Moyo’s for Body Confidential, here.