Holiday Snaps

Allow me to take a break from fashion and show you some snaps. I recently went on Holiday with some very special people, it was a week of mayhem with lots to be remembered.
A boat cruise around the southern tip of Gran Canaria. That’s me and Adam!

Underwater photos are a must.
The Sand Dunes,

Tee, Vintage logo Tee from Brighton’s South Laines (i cut the arms off). £3.00

Selfridges London Oxford, a world of fantasty, indoor snow and roof top lakes.

I made a little trip to the Big Smoke last week for a press event regarding Selfridges
icon‘ Xmas (I know, fashion works way too far in advanced for one to remain sane). Want to see some of the more rediculous from the world of high-end retail?

White (not yellow) bag, Victora Beckham, £18,000.00 (made to order) exclusive to Selfridges

The new IT hat, as modelled by yours truly. (photo courtesy of the lovely Lynda Moyo’s iPhone, see my interview with Lynda here)

Tiny slutty shoes, as hand-modelled by myself and Casey Gillespie of London Confidential. The whole 25 pairs of shoes act as an Advent Calendar for the bargain price of £18,000.00.

So, whilst milling around the press room spotting treats and delights, eating gorgeous things and touching expensive fashions all of which are soon to be on offer for Xmas shoppers I was told about a secret…. there was a party on the roof.

In true Selfridges style they’d spied an opportunity for fantasy and flooded the bloody roof to make way for a pop-up boating lake. Why? Because some rich bloke founded a new sugar (darling) and we must make cocktails to celebrate! I felt I was in an episode of AbFab. After Oysters and HixFix cocktails at Hix Restaurant we went up the express lift (with a library within it…) to have a look.

Incredible isn’t it?

Spinningfields Screenfields Sex And The City Best Dressed Competition

I was asked by Spinningfields, the new corporate and financial district of Manchester, to judge a competition. 
Perhaps it was to assess the most ecological of the Banks whose HQ are within Spinningfields, perhaps I was to judge the talent of the chefs at any one of the districts restaurants. 
No… I was to find the Best Dressed of the attendees who braved the unpredictable weather to sit on grass and watch Sex And The City: The Movie on the outdoor big screen.
This is the life of a fashion boy.
You can read all about how I got on at the newly resurrected The Fashion Network Blog here.
Oh and, here is what I wore to judge other’s for what they wore….

Jacket, Current/Elliot, BlackWhiteDenim, £275.00
Tee, Chea Mondays, Urban Outfitters, £22.00
Jeans, Wrangler, £80.00
Boots, Primark, £5.00

See the night’s proceedings here.


Fashion Rambler meets Roland Mouret

So. I’d barely slept since my insane holiday to Gran Canaria with boozy friends (pictures coming soon if you’re good) and I was already back on form.
Roland Mouret, the french man that makes all women weak at the knees and the purse strings, was launching his latest collection at Selfridges Manchester Exchange. I got the chance to ask him a few questions whilst resisting his annoyingly sexy accent.

You can see my interview with him here, but I saved the more important questions for Fashion Rambler readers (as per).

Shirt, customised from Jaeger
Trousers, my trusty TOPMAN Ltd.

Fashion Rambler: You do Bloke’s clothes too. Love it?
Roland Mouret: Menswear is great, it’s fun and different. I hope that my male customers are the partner of my female customers.
(So the gay only designs for Heteros?)
FR: You told the Guardian that we all dress up to undress. Is this how you dress?
RM: Yes. Less now because I’m a bit older. I think we all dress to undress, to find our long term partner, to be a bit sexy and it is really important. It’s the way we are and we shouldn’t avoid it but we shouldn’t put it in people’s faces like ‘I wanna shag’.
FR: Favourite Spice Girls song? (not so odd, he’s BFFs with Victoria Beckham/probably does her designs for her)
RM: No, I don’t have one. I hated the Spice Girls.
FR: Does Victoria know?
RM: She does, it makes her laugh because we are really good friends now. I hated that they were everywhere, in your face. It was what it was and it was the 1990s. But no, I wasn’t a fan.
It was then time for the fashion show which was my cue to exit to get to my dinner at Harvey Nichols (and you thought I’d dressed up for him?). To celebrating their being chosen as Manchester Cathedral’s main grub provider, Harvey’s threw a dinner party for the Manchester set. Any excuse.

London Fashion Week Calling

So. London Fashion Week (LFW) have released their provisional schedule for the SS12 shows in September. This will be my first season at Fashion Week because I was totally too busy for the AW11 shows and the same goes for SS11 and AW10. However, I will finally be getting to go. Excited much? 
Already on my agenda of hopefuls are work related shows and presentations including:
Preen by Thornton Bregazzi presentation, Willow presentation, Jena Theo show and Teatrum Jones presentation on the 16th.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Pre-SS12 collection.
J. W. Anderson presentation, Julian MacDonald show, House of Holland show, Dominic Jones presentation and Jonathan Saunders show on the 17th.
J JS Lee presentation, Richard Nicholl show, Holly Fulton show (see my interview with her here) Marios Schwab show, Tom Ford show and the Acne show on the 18th
Antonio Beradi show, Christopher Kane show and Mark Fast show on the 19th.
House of Holland Pre-SS12 Collection
I wouldn’t mind seeing Amanda Wakeley either (since she was lovely when I met her, read about it here) I don’t know if I will be able to make Menswear day. UBER (kindof) MENSWEAR BLOGGER FAIL. But, then again I think I’ll be a little busy with all that, don’t you?
I’ll be traveling down and staying with the fabulous Jo Davies of Black White Denim. Who else is going? Let’s sync and drink.
Now. what to pack?


Fashion Rambler Meets Jessica Hart (and Casey Gillespie)

I’m currently sunning my buns as you read. Yes, this is a scheduled post and I’m in Gran Canaria. Feel jealous. Oh don’t be like that… I’ve left you some loveliness….

So, if you follow my mobile ramblings on twitter, you’ll have learnt that I was in the Big Smoke this week. ‘But, why?’ I hear you cry, well, for many reasons. First and foremost I was there to interview Jess Hart the Australian model and next Elle Macpherson who has just brought her own label line to Selfridges London and Manchester Trafford Centre.
Upon arriving at Selfridges Oxford Street I sat outside with an orange Lucozade in the sun and people watched my arse off. The world’s most famous high street was buzzing with the beautiful people, the people and the ugly people. I breathed it all in, coughed out the air pollution and entered Selfridges via Chanel (naturally).
Jessica was waiting in the Personal Shopping department and after being shown the collection I was whisked off to meet her. But, not before ELLE Magazine. Elle had sent their newest staff reporter who was slightly frazzled and very unprepared after being told to get to Selfridges only 2 minutes before hand. Woops. So, as she was rather unprepared I wasn’t waiting long for my turn. Just enough time to order some water and charge my Blackberry.
Jess Hart is bloody gorgeous. Obviously. She’s a model. Some might say a super-model. But she really is that beautiful. A face you can stare at with ease. Not only this but she has enough brains to be modest and coy and all ‘Style Icon, moi?’ which was cute, at first, but then I was all ‘you have a fashion line, own it’.
To see my interview with Jess Hart click here, but I saved the vital and most important questions for Fashion Rambler readers:
Fashion Rambler: London Fashion Week or Rosemount Australian Fasion Week?
Jessica Hart: London Fashion Week.
FR: Savage Garden or Oasis?
JH: Oasis.
FR: Neighbours or Coronation Street?
JH: Neighbours
Tess (Ghost Designer): She had to say that, she’s from Melbourne!
FR: Britain’s Next Top Model or Australia’s Next Top Model?
JH: Have I ever been on BNTM? I was on Australian one, as an example.
Tess (Not-so Ghost like is she…): But Elle is hosting the British one.
JH: Really?
FR: Yes, her first year.
JH: Britain’s Next Top Model. The Australian one is awful anyway.
FR: Menswear?
JH: I’d love to!

After meeting the beautiful Hart I left, gabbed my water from the PR and headed for UniQlo where I bought Lady Gaga’s SAVE JAPAN Tee. As I was paying, I pulled out what I thought was my Blackberry. Fail. It was Jessica Hart’s. The Jessica’s Hart’s mobile was in m hands. I felt like I was on CrimeWatch. I laughed, rather hysterically and scared the cashier.
A giggly phone-call between myself and the PR, who was a little hysterical herself, resulted in the device being returned without problem. Phew. Now onto my next appointment: Casey Gillespie of the newly founded London Confidential.
As you may know I write for Manchester Confidential and Body Confidential, I’m quite the Confidential parasite. So, I had to meet this fine lady. She’s a New Yorker in every sense of the word, funny, opinionated, doesn’t get the Tube or alcohol and likes to offer reading suggestions (I’m about to start her recommendation, Augusten Burroughs’ Running With Scissors). Watch this space LonCon is going to get oh-so-good.
We chatted for a very brief time as I had to dash to Victoria from Hoxton (not easy) for my Brighton bound train. Yes, I do London in style, I stay in Brighton.

Collective + Bob Carlos Clarke Launch at 202 Westbourne Grove

Went to a bit of a do the other day at 202 in Notting Hill. Yes the Manc went southward for free booze, desperate times…
So, what was being launched? Collective make organic Tees and Bob Carlos Clarke used to make amazing images. Bob’s dead. But, his pieces are owned by The Little Black Gallery and Clarke’s Mrs and Tamara Beckwith (oddly) have let Collective print his prints on their Tees for girls and boys. Few, we got there.

I love this one. Her bum is beautiful.

Here are some flicks of the night….

Karla and I found a little bar where we drank coffee in the sunshine before the do. We also inevitably took photographs. We had visited the Museum of Brands which is AMAZING if you’re a media boffin like us.

Some pretty lady… and her mother, who is also pretty.

Amber, the PR.

We met Mark Cullum of A La Male. He’s lovely… and gets the Central Line.

We also took numerous photos.