Workwear Wardrobe: Look 5

The last of my week of looks, and I think we go out with a bang, don’t you? A fabulous palette of reds and pinks for a look inspiring by whiskey cocktails in smokey 50s Manhatten bars. Yes, I watch a lot of Mad Men.

I adore this shirt, even if it is a bugger to iron, because it’s got that think textured feel that goes so well with a knitted tie!
 photo IMG_9441_zps64a74f7a.jpg 
Shirt, TM Lewin, £35.00
Tie, Primark, £3.50
Trousers, Next, £25.00
Brogues, Burton, £55.00
 photo IMG_9454_zpscdd937a4.jpg 
A steamy red to end the week!
  photo IMG_9446_zpsd0ceb189.jpg 
We can roll our sleeves on a Friday, right?
  photo IMG_9458_zps00782f26.jpg 
Best give the shoes a bit of a mention, since they’ve been a constant all week, and every week!
Thanks for reading, have a fabulous Bank holiday weekend, and for those in Manchester, Happy Pride!

Workwear Wardrobe: Look 4

By far, one of my favourite shirts. Look 4 of 5 is a bit of a dark horse. I didn’t think I was a patterned shirt kinda guy, and to some extent I’m not. They date too quickly! However, I think this simple check pattern is timeless and I love the feel of this shirt!

Worn with textured wool trousers and complimentary bow tie, this look is perfect for the coming winter months!
 photo IMG_9470_zpsf9102924.jpg 
Shirt, TM Lewin, £35.00
Bow Tie, Primark @ Selfridges, £2.00
Trousers, Primark @ Selfridges, £20.00
Cufflinks, Ted Baker, Gift
Brogues, Burton, £55.00 
  photo IMG_9473_zpsc7c7cfd5.jpg 
Not long left of my week of workwear posts, what do you think so far? @jordanjmcdowell 

Workwear Wardrobe: Look 3

Part 3 of the workwear week of posts and we’ve returned to the blue mood, but with a totally different look. I do love a tie, but we so rarely wear them well. 

I, for instance, have to be careful not to wear one too wide, because when compared with my frame, I can look like a clown. Similarly, so many men opt for footballer fist-sized tie knots over slender Windsor knots and most don’t have them tied tight enough at all! What would Don Draper say? (Mad men reference)
 photo IMG_9423_zpsc2ff08b3.jpg 
Shirt, TM Lewin, £35.00
Tie, so old I can’t remember.
Trousers, H&M, £15.00 SALE
Cufflinks, Ted Baker, Gift
Brogues, Burton, £55.00
  photo IMG_9425_zps5ccc48a7.jpg 
A leaving present from the girls at my last job, these lovely cufflinks.
  photo IMG_9422_zps8163a975.jpg 
  photo IMG_9427_zps462706ec.jpg 
Now that’s a Windsor knot! 

Workwear Wardrobe: Look 2

As promised, here’s Tuesday’s workwear wardrobe, part 2 of my working week of appreciation for the things we wear to work.

Today’s palette is distinctly different from yesterday, and much more autumnal with deep burgandy trousers and matching bow tie.

This shirt is one of my favourites, the light fabric is very comfortable throughout the day and the strip is a nice, discreet touch.
 photo IMG_9428_zpsac467997.jpg 
 Shirt, TM Lewin, £35.00
Bow Tie, Primark @ Selfridges, £2.00
Trousers, Next, £25.00
Cufflinks, Tiffany, Gift
Brogues, Burton, £55.00
  photo IMG_9437_zpsdacb9871.jpg 
You’ve got to have a little bling to get you through the day…
  photo IMG_9440_zps80a133c2.jpg 
What are you wearing today? @jordanjmcdowell


Workwear Wardrobe: Look 1

So, for those that follow me on Twitter (@jordanjmcdowell), you may have heard that I’ve got a new job. I’m absolutely loving it, the team are great and the projects are exciting. But, guess what, it’s not in fashion!

Shock, horror.

It’s interesting because, whilst I made the concious decision to leave the land of fashion (when it comes to my 9 to 5) I seem to take a much more careful consideration about what I wear to work than I ever did. When you work in fashion, you’re expected to wear your own fabulous clothes to work. I certainly enjoyed this for a bit, but it became difficult to differentiate between in-work me and off-duty me and I didn’t like that. So, I started taking less care and I basically started looking a little shit when I was in work.

That all changed when I joined a team with workwear rules!

Well, not exactly rules, the office is pretty relaxed, if I wanted to wear t-shirts and chinos, there wouldn’t be much back-lash, but I choose to where something a little bit smarter and I’m loving toying within the strict guidelines of men’s workwear, it’s a novelty!

As part of my new found love for workwear, I’ll showcase a different workwear look on my blog each working day of this week, first up, Monday.

 photo IMG_9412_zps71a5daf6.jpg

Shirt, TM Lewin, £35.00
Bow Tie, Primark @ Selfridges, £2.00
Trousers, H&M, £15.00 SALE
Brogues, Burton, £55.00

 photo IMG_9418_zpsd961306d.jpg

A simple look, working on a palette of blue hues, with that kind of matte sheen that gives you a boost on a Monday morning!
The shirt, fully fitted, is worn over an M&S 100% cotton men’s v-neck vest tee, for temperature control and comfort.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s outfit!

London Collections Men Harvey Nichols Tour, Manchester

Last time I descended the worryingly steep steps of 2022NQ, one of Manchester’s coolest nightspots-come-art-spaces, I was a little worse for wear and had a little too much glitter on my face. I was there to attend a DJ set at regular club night, Homo Electric, featuring (everyone’s favourite Swedish popstar) Robyn, but this time I was there for a whole different reason: fashion, dahling.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at210612_zps8fb8174b.png
Not only was I soba, but I was not to touch a drop of the good stuff all night, apparently LC:M is all about the non-alcoholic, go figure. Still, the London contingient did Manchester proud, bringing a handful of the capital’s best new design talent to the city, all in the name of a Harvey Nichols partay. 

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at210619_zps2a688ea4.png 

I could list each designer, their collection’s motifs, themes, cuts and styles, I could pin point the best outfits amongst the attendees or I could just say this:

printed tees are going to be huge next season.

Here’s my favourites.

 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at205344_zpsa814488e.png 
James Long
 photo Screenshot2013-08-13at210127_zpsee712fef.png  
 Katie Eary.
A selection of each designer is available at Harvey Nichols.