Tash Diary 5: The shave

So, with Movember finally over and because I’ve got sick of people pointing at my lip hair and saying, “It’s not Movember anymore!” I’ve decided, it is time to call time on my moustache. It’s time for the shave.

Firstly, thank you all who donated to the cause, it means a lot to know that I can do something completely self-involved and mostly about my own vanity and curiosity around facial hair whilst masking it with charity. For that, I’m grateful to you all.

The total raised I hear you ask? £226.00!

Now, the shave.

This was me post-Movember and after a pretty tough week at work (that’s why I look so, unkempt)

 photo facebefore_zps1ac6b7fe.jpg 

 photo 125-Dirty-Shaving-Cream-resized_zps9a5754e6.jpg

I firstly took to my face-bush with the electric beard trimmer, I couldn’t just go straight in with the wet-shave, with all that was going on on my face. I’d have been cut to ribbons!

After a trim, I took to the wet shave with LUSH’s Dirty Shaving Cream (£5.50) It’s from the Gorilla Perfume range and if used alongside other elements of the range like the shower gel and the deodorant, it comes together to form one fragrance, called Dirty. 

It’s not exactly dirty, but I think they’re trying to be ironic.

 photo faceduring_zps81e6e72b.jpg

The shaving cream had a great lather and considering I’ve not shaved in a while and haven’t touched my moustache with a blade in weeks, the razor glided over the hair perefectly with no drag, it certainly did it’s job.

 photo faceend_zps83f2a408.jpg

Bald as a baby.


National Christmas Jumper Day 2013

So, 13th December is National Christmas Jumper day, who knew? Well, ASOS did apparently, that’s why they let me loose in their virtual jumper department to find a jumper with a little Christmas jeux ne se quois.

 photo tree_zps453b4185.jpg 

Me, posing casually with the upside-down Christmas tree at our window…

Whilst a novelty is, you know, a novelty, I wasn’t keen on adding a throw away item to my wardrobe to be worn once and never again (well, until next Christmas, anyway). Instead I opted for a suitably festive number, something down the Nordic Christmas route, but with a British heritage theme, by way of embroidered Mallards. Basically I copped out and just got a well nice knit that I’ll wear all winter!

  photo jumper_zpsedea4ae5.jpg 
I’m not a total Scrooge, I jazzed up the look with a metal lapel Reindeer pin, perfect for Crimbo as we’re having Venison!
  photo pin_zps31c4a2d7.jpg

Get your Christmas jumper now, just in time for the big day!


Top 10 things to do this Christmas in Manchester

I love Christmas and I love Manchester and I love lists, so here goes.
1) Do the Manchester Christmas Markets before lunchtime on a weekend or late afternoon, but pre-17:00pm, on a weekday if you’re planning on, you know, being able to breathe. They truly are amazing and screw the haters because nothing says Christmas like a £4.50 hot dog, a £7 mug of hot chocolate and a leaky roof. God bless us, one and all

 photo 1476146_10152049814779521_273099633_n_zps5166a442.jpg 
Boyf and I at Spinningfields Ice Rink

2) Skate at Spinningfields Ice Rink before the 11:40am session on a weekend because they pack you in like cattle and you’ve not got a hope in hell of a Biellmann spin. Either that or visit the rink at Selfridges Manchester Trafford, there’s free parking and it’s quieter even if it is alongside ASDA and in-doors.

3) Go for a walk in Daisy Nook. No, not the garden centre, the country park in Oldham that smells like cow pat.

 photo 562181_10151517185359521_137961041_n_zps24723b1b.jpg

4) Ride the steam train to Ramsbottom from Bury. It’s a really cute thing to do and Ramsbottom has some great little antique shops to dive into as well as a Chocolate cafe famous for, well, you guessed it, chocolate!

5) Visit the Oast House Tepee on a Sunday afternoon! A chilled Sauvignon Blanc in hand, sat atop a park-bench beside a roaring fire. Lovely.

6) Catch the tram to MediaCityUK and see War Horse at The Lowry, it’s intense. And it beats the panto. Book now.

7) Drive down the M65 to Boundary Mill Outlet Mall at Colne for an old-people fest with good jacket potatoes and Christmas gifts perfect for Uncles, Grandads and other hard-to-buy-for people, at around 70% off!

8) Have a look and Manchester Arndale’s Santa’s Grotto, it’s pretty beautiful this year.

9) Pop to Wilko’s for good Christmas lights, decorations and lamenta for dead cheap!

10) Play Festive Frenzy, like Angry Birds only with sprouts. A free gaming app with the chance to win Apple gadgets every day ’til 23rd December. www.festivefrenzygame.com  


Sinn Watches

As Christmas looms thoughts turn to gift lists and just what Father Christmas might bring down the chimney.

One of the brands on my wish list is Sinn watches at pageandcooper.com, an aviator watch brand with more flying experience than most. Founded in the swinging sixties by Luftwaffe flying instructor, Helmut Sinn, the watches and their lofty history in the skies bring a whole lot more to the table than the latest aviator inspired piece of bling from the catwalk.

As many a PR story goes, one upon a time a man called Sinn was dissatisfied with the crap around him and so decided to make his own fabulous and practical watches, and so the brand was born. 1994 came along and Sinn sold the company, heralding a new chapter. New owner Lothar Schmidt, an ex-engineer, brings new technological advances to the timepieces and to the wrists of many men around the world.

Whilst browsing the designer outlets on my recent trip to the States, I was tempted by many of the gorgeous blingy wristwatches on offer, but decided against a rose-gold Michael Kors because, deep down, I knew that within the inner workings, cogs and movements of that watch – quality was not at play. If I’m going to invest in a timepiece, it needs to stand the test of time.

Let’s have a look at the options, shall we?

Sinn Series UX SDR, Rubber Strap Red. £1,453.00

 photo screen_shot_2013-06-06_at_094525_zps9aaf2eca.png

Looks the part, a touch of sports-luxe about it and it can keep on ticking at temperatures -25 degrees Celsius, now that’s reliability.

Sinn 917, Leather Strap. £1,752.99

 photo sinn_917_f_lb_zpse6b34907.jpg

One of the most beautiful watch faces I’ve seen in a long while. It looks like it’s straight out of a Sherlock Holmes novel and might also be a map to a secret base or nearest speak-easy.

Sin 856, Leather strap. £1,113.99


Referred to as the Pilot’s Watch, with a face similar to those on the dials found within a cockpit. This is a little piece of something different.

Looks like I’ll have to get my Christmas list posted early, to give Santa enough time to save for one of these bad boys!


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Tash Diary 4: The end

Well, it’s the end of #Movember, the end of a month of hairy antics and an itchy upper lip. 

Key learnings: I can grow a stache, I don’t look that odd (although, there is still disagreement) and I still might keep it for Christmas!

 photo 4-upon2013-12-01at2014_zps7e09ea5d.jpg

Oh, and we changed the face of men’s health for another year with the Movember movement, well done guys and girls! Or, should I say, Mo Bros and Mo Sitas? (No, I shouldn’t say that, ever).

Thank you to those that supported my efforts and donated to the cause, it truly meant a lot. I can now reveal that my grand total for Movember 2013 is:


But, wait, that’s not all. You can still donate to support Movember! Click here now and dig deep because, after all, it’s nearly Christmas!

Oh and I celebrated the end of Movember 2013 by watching Oscar winning Argo, a film pretty much just about Moustaches in the Middle East.

 photo Argo-7copy_zps242c2ed5.jpg