Pre-holiday Pampers: Refinery Facial

I’m preparing for my impending jollies I am. The boyf, a gaggle of besties and I are off to the Spanish east-coast for a spot of sun, sand ‘n sangria, and following the rather successful Ultimate Facial I had t’other month, which you can read about here, I knew I couldn’t get preened, plucked and pampered for my upcoming holiday without a visit to Skin Health Spa!

This time opting for a men only treatment The Refinery Facial (as if that makes it more butch) I enjoyed a specially concocted 30 minute facial treatment for male skin, designed to leave it refreshed, cleansed and clear. (£65)

My therapist started the treatment off with a double cleanse, using a face wash from Refinery, (£18 here) This simple cleanser primes the skin ready for the treatment and leaves you all fresh and lovely.

Following this, a bit of a scrub. Now, I love a good scrub, I exfoliate about once a week and pay particular attention to my forehead, which can get a little bumpy at times. But, as I’ve now learnt, that’s not necessarily the best thing for our skin! Exfoliating products are often creamy, soap-based products that can dry the skin. When the skin becomes dry, the dead skin can become trapped and this is what creates a bumpy uneven surface. Exfoliating can be the trigger of a vicious cycle! But, my therapist used Aromatherapy Associates Natural Exfoliating Grains (£19 here), a mildly abrasive powder made from crushed seeds, oatmeal etc. that when mixed with a little essential oil, does the job without drying the skin! Bonus!

Look how relaxed I look!

After the scrub, it was time for a mask, to penetrate deep into the skin. The mask was from Refinery again (£27 here) and was a clay based mask with Jojoba, Sandlewood, Ginger and Black pepper. Good enough to eat! Whilst this soaked in, I was treated to a scalp massage. Heaven.

10 minutes later, off it came and then the finishing touches were a splash of Refinery Revitalising Moisturiser (£39.00 here, there’s a mattyfing one too if you suffer from oily skin) and a dab of essential oil over my eyes. 

Now my skin is ready to be burnt to a crisp in Spain!


SS14 Look Book: Touch down

I’m not sure why, but I’m a little bit into perforated tees and vests at the moment. Especially sporty numbers. Who knew, I never even did P.E!

Well, anywho, it seems Primark shares my obsession. Wait, before you gasp, yes I went to the northern quarter to check out the vintage stores and their plethora of actual real-life American sportswear. But, it was all a little smelly AND real, so, there was room in those tops for armour and shit. They weren’t made for posing in. Hence my Primarni interlude and my £5-8 bargains, thank you very much!

First up, American football. Or as my dad says, Rugby for wusses. 

Shades, RayBan
Top, Coca-Cola, Primark, £5.00
Shorts, Primark, £8.00
Trainers, Adidas, Selfridges, £35.00 SALE

Look, I’m being sporty, and running! The top is a really nice fit, with an authentic feel, which is really important when one’s pretending one plays American football whilst sipping Pinot Grigio in the sun, y’know?

The trainers were a steal at the last Selfridges sale and serve me well at my weekly Circuits class. Yes, I do get some exercise.


#destinationunknown, win with BANK

No, this isn’t about that hypnotic euro trash song (that I love) this is about something bigger.

BANK are all over festival fashion this season, from bo-ho chic to urban grunge, they’ve got a look for every boy and girl headed to a muddy field or tented dance arena this summer. And they’re going to get you there too!

You’ve got one more day to enter and be in with the chance of winning a paid trip to three European festivals this summer for you and a mate. You’ll be jetting around the continent, reporting on the action for BANK in June, July and August!

All you need to do to enter is write a festival fashion blog post with a link back to BANK’s site. share it on social media with the hashtag #destinationunknown and pop the URL on the comments section of this page on BANK’s site. Find out more here.


If you’re looking for a hint of where you and your mate might be headed if you’re the lucky winner, follow BANK on Facebook, Instgram, Twitter and Pinterest with hashtag #destinationunknown.

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Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox: DWV at Manchester’s Village People Weekend

The inaugural Village People Weekend event was celebrated this bank holiday weekend in Manchester’s Gay Village. A free to attend charity event, put on by the Village’s business community to raise funds for local LGBT and HIV charities.

A congratulations is in order for the small committee event, they managed to cast a ceremonious feeling of “Gay Pride” over the district, people were basking in the (grey cloud), drinking in the streets and it was all rather merry and lovely. However, their biggest achievement wasn’t the atmosphere, it wasn’t that they filled Sackville Park with next to no pre-event promotion save a few banners and a Facebook page, but that they enticed drag super group DWV, of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, onto the stage for their first Manchester concert.

For those uneducated in the art of international drag queen sensations, Detox Icunt, Willam Belli and Vicky Vox have amassed a YouTube following exceeding 200K with views of their top hits Boy Is A Bottom, Silicone, Chick Fil-A and Blurred Bynes topping 15million+ hits. Together they’re some of our generation’s most successful drag performers and, gurl, they funny as hell.

Now, I was too caught up in the fandom to document the event in its totality, but luckily, as with the advance of a media called social, a load of pissed twinks from the audience did it for me. My roving reporters, if you will. So allow me to relive the concert, from multiple shaky angles, from stolen social footage. You’re welcome.

We begin with Gaycation

Then their first hit, Chick Fil-A 

//  //
Vicky’s solo, a And I’m Telling You and I Whip My Hair Back And Forth remix.

Willam’s less than tasteful solo, Scream and Shit


Boy Is A Botton.

And finally, the instrumental, Boy Is A Bottom.

As huge fans of the ladies’ work on YouTube and TV, I was set up to be a little disappointed with their live performance, but couldn’t have been more shocked! The three had a genuine dynamic on stage, they actually sang live, which isn’t something your usual drag queen does, and they know how to work a crowd! If you’re a venue or events organiser, book ’em!