BAGGED: A post of recent purchases

So. I’ve got a few bits and bobs to show you. I’ve been waiting to show you them for a while, so some are worn and a little grubby. But hey. This isn’t VOGUE, this is a blog!

NIKE High Tops, ASOS, £can’t remember…

LOVE these Sky Force NIKE hi-tops that I nabbed in the ASOS Sale! they’re a little small but I don’t care because I feel like I’m in Saved By The Bell 😀

This is a very special addition to my wardrobe as it is from Black White Denim and is a new Classic Cambridge Satch from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I absolutely love this. After stealing my Bosses over London Fashion Week I thought it was about time to get my own.

As seen on my VOGUE/DirectorsOf.Com Best Dressed Nomination this is a nicey from Gola and is a collaboration with Tado.

Messenger Bag, GOLA, £30.00

These were a spontaneous purchase from TOPMAN in the sale. 100% Leather and 100% Winter.

Boots, TOPMAN, £25.00 WAS £80.00

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the VOGUE/DirectorsOf.Com Best Dressed Nomination. Results in December, I’ll keep you informed!


BAGGED: A post of purchases.

I recently came across a blog called BAGGED written by Kenny, which basically lists the items that Kenny has bought. I was also inspired to send my blog mobile by Kenny’s blog, so, if you’re reading it on your smart phone it should be tres easy to do so. Bonus. Oh and also, Kenny works for Oliver Sweeney, lovely shoes and lovely store. See more here.

So! The blog post. Let’s get cracking.
Outfit Uno:

Vest, FCUK at, SALE £9.00
Jeans, Cross Hatch, SALE £26.99
Pumps, Gola (, SALE £9.99
HA! Left the bloody size sticker on..
These jeans have northern soul, Cross Hatch is a streetwear brand that started in Manchester in 1998. You may have seen their MCR/CROSS/HATCH graphic (G*STAR like) Tees in Burton ( I’m certainly not a ‘streetwear’ person, but I loved the utility cut of these jeans and I think the tapered elasticated ankles and waistband make for a comfortable summer’s Pantaloon. (see, told you I wasn’t street *skips off*)


So, the vest. I love a good vest. This one is over-sized (but not too big) and made from a super-soft jersey so it’s great to slob in as well as dressing up. The neckline is two-ply (for added comfort) and has a frayed hem which I think is a nice touch to a bog-standard gray vest.

The pumps. I saw these and thought of my upcoming summer holiday. Comfortable and rather British deck chair, northern British deck chair to be precise. Gola is another Manc brand, with a 100 years history of making sports fashion for the world. Find out more about the time I met the owner of Gola, Harvey Jacobson, here.

Outfit Deux:

Braced Trousers, Levis at Selfridges (, SALE £45.00
Desert Boots, Clarks, SALE £31.00

Love these trousers, been after some for ages! They were the last pair and (nearly) in my size! I had to forget logic and purchase them (plus, 50% off ain’t bad at all!). The colour on the leg fades as it reaches the ground, which I think is a really cool feature.

The braces (never to be worn up) are attached with chocolate leather fastenings. They’re so comfortable too, quite impressed with myself for buying comfortable clothes.

The Tee is a basic Tee, done well. Soft jersey with a tailored cut and scoop neck in a sky blue perfect for SS11 Colour Blocking (because we must be trendy). The Eleven Paris barcode sits neatly on the right arm for a little pompous oomph.

These bad boys have been on my wish list forever. Well, not this pair exactly. I wanted Desert Boots, right? But could I find any I liked? No. The stitched rim around the toes always makes my feet look clownish. These have a neat stitched rim. Their made from a soft suede and the leather wraps around my ankles so snugly that they look great with shorts too! 

Outift Finito:

Vest, ASOS, SALE £4.00
Jewelry, Husam el Odeh for TOPMAN (, Out Of Season Stock

These are brand new to Selfridges and are something special. What makes these skinnies a little more special is that they have heart. Made from 100% organic cotton certified by the Soil Association means that you can feel a little dirty whilst actually being Greenpeace clean. Not only is the cotton uber-eco-friendly but Monkee Genes are against child and slave labour: No blood, no sweat, no tears just plain good (tight) jeans.

What’s brilliant about these jeans, sorry Genes, is that they’re soft. When you’re a boy, with boy legs, that are hairy, skinny jeans can hurt (like a bitch) when you walk. Walking is quite crucial for me and thankfully Monkee understand that. They’ve made a monkee outta me.
Dug out these trinkets recently to commemorate my meeting Husam el Odeh at BlackWhiteDenim. See the video here.



Vest £4.00
Jeans £10.00
Puma High Tops £29.00

Vest £7.00
Jeans £10.00
Fridge Magnet Socks £2.00

Tee £5.00
Waistcoat £14.00
Jeans £10.00
Suede Toe Cap Shoes £14.00
This is the story about inconsistent customer service practice met with my own silliness. I recently made a hefty purchase on after realising that I hadn’t made a purchase on the site in over two years whilst writing my Geek Blog post. I now know why.
The website has some excellent methods of navigation, most notably the ways that the site catagorises its clothing and allows you to search for your size or brand only. I think this latter feature is the reason I was willing to spend as much as I did because you’re not disappointed when shopping Sale because the items you’re shown are already confirmed to be in your size. There are some downfalls of the navigation however, including the drop-down menu of clothing catagorises and its tendency to disappear before you’ve had a chance to click! I tried this feature on both Safari and Explorer and was met with the same annoying result.
When I went to pay I couldn’t remember my password and asked for it to be sent to me, which took two attempts, when it arrived I typed it into the password box and was then told that I had attempted to log in too many times and my account was frozen for 1/2 an hour. Brilliant. I waited and then attempted again after 1/2 an hour and was told to wait another 1/2 an hour. I gave up and set up a new account. It was probably my fault for trying to many times but the 1/2 block wouldn’t budge!
I then went to purchase and input the two discount codes I was lead to believe I was entitled to. One was NEXTDAY for free next day delivery after spending over £100.00 and the other was ASOSTreats for a 10% discount. I wasn’t granted NEXTDAY and instead of receiving my goods for free on the Saturday I had to pay and receive them on the Monday. Great.
I then emailed ASOS to tell them my woes and they, still to this date, have not replied. I was bitching about my experience to Sandy Lindsay(@SandyLindsay) on Twitter when @ASOS_Heretohelp popped up and asked what the matter was. They fortunately were very sweet and had a look at my account. I was told that I couldn’t claim two discount codes and were very sorry.
Part of me feels it was too little too late but the other part remembers opening the box on Monday and it feeling like Christmas.

Blog Geek

I recently attended a brand development seminar hosted by Manchester Fashion Network and presented by Geek Branding Consultancy. Sound boring? You couldn’t be more wrong! I was asked to cover the event for the editorial segment of Manchester Fashion Network’s website because my Editor, and the brains behind the blog tweet, was a little poorly after Latitude Festival shenanigans.

The event was aimed at brand owners and people working in PR and media and generally sold the Geek Consultancy package but let slip a few juicy techniques and tips for free! Being a person who is passionate about brands and fashion from a business perspective as well as an artistic perspective I was interested in what Amanda Burrows and Rafael Gilston had to say.

See me Tweeting?

One major point that kept cropping up in the presentation Geek were giving and in the questions being asked by event attendees was the point of Social Media. Social Media and other marketing platforms are ways to voice a brand’s message and personality but they are not a one way street. To Tweet is conservation and brands have to accept that tweeters, bloggers and social networkers (that is you and me) are going to shout about what we think about their brand! An example being my recent post about AmericanApparel in which I praised the brand and condemned Urban Outfitters for their stance on LGBT rights. I’m not the only one doing it (obviously) there are hundreds. Another example is with the recent MAC Rodarte controversy (don’t know about it? Click here) Bloggers had multinational conglomerates by the balls and they weren’t letting go.

Consumers are becoming critics.

Many people already know this but did you really know that the brands are actively seeking to tap into this resource in order to preach their brand’s values, mission and personality and thus, to make more money?

When I asked about Geek’s stance on Social Media when they are working with a new client, Amanda Burrows answered: ‘It is so important … we hold our hands up, we’re not experts, but we have a social media guy who is brilliant, to work with us on brands.’ Burrows went on to say, of the heads of big fashion brands, that they are ‘terrified of social media … it is a generational thing’. From Burrows’ experience she has witnessed brands having blogs ‘which don’t speak to their customer because they’re written but some girl in marketing typing away about pop-up shops’. Brands in the fashion industry are desperate to reach out to the customer in these new platforms because they offer a golden opportunity for their brands to become integrated into the consumers life, the consumer lives the experience the brand sells.

Some successful retailers that manage this are TOPSHOP with their popular Twitter portal (@topshop_tweets) and ASOS with their use of blogs. ASOS, bizarrely have one of the worst click conversion rates in the ecommerce sector (that means most people clicking onto their website don’t then click to purchase but go elsewhere for their goods after seeking the up-to-the-minute fashion news). Fortunately their customer base is big enough to cope with the millions of none buyers and their blog-power fuels their branding instead of sales margin. Come to think of it I visit the ASOS site regularly but the last thing I bought was 2 years ago….

Whilst sat in the audience room balancing my dicta-phone on my lap, updating my Twitter (@jordanjmcdowell), MFN’s Twitter (@TheFashionNetUK) and note taking for this very blog, I realised it wasn’t just brands that were obsessed with social Media, it controls my life.

Photographs by Jennifer Urwin contact me for Jennifer’s contact details.