BAGGED: A post of purchases feat. Criminal Damage and BOY London

SS13 SALE season is nearly over and I’ve nabbed a modest selection of bargains from the rails.

The last instalment of my SALE purchases was from the rails at Selfridges, here goes!

 photo IMG_9395_zps18484f5a.jpg 
  photo IMG_9395_zps18484f5a.jpg 
Jumper, Criminal Damage, Selfridges, WAS £45.00 NOW £19.00
  photo IMG_9400_zps5a9c9eaf.jpg 
I love the print, I’m into print, as some of you will be aware, and what a better way to celebrate that than with the most bizarre print ever to reside on a sweater? Part of my smart SALE shopping regime, this piece is perfect for colder AW13 months!
  photo IMG_9403_zpseb47ccb1.jpg 
Jumper, Criminal Damage, Selfridges, WAS £45.00 NOW £19.00
  photo IMG_9407_zps54b3891c.jpg 
Strictly speaking, this is Adam’s but isn’t it a cute one? That kind of blue that reminds me of primary school uniforms and with a touch of pop-art reference for good measure.

  photo IMG_9384_zps6e1097c3.jpg 
Jumper, Criminal Damage, Selfridges, WAS £45.00 NOW £19.00
  photo IMG_9388_zps03727fee.jpg 
The last sweater steal for the season, a marl grey with hand-cuff design, cool enough for dressing up at night!
  photo IMG_9391_zps0ad2d7f2.jpg 
And now for the obligatory BOY london…
  photo IMG_9379_zps76567c99.jpg 
Vest, BOY London, Selfridges, WAS £35.00 NOW £10.00
  photo IMG_9378_zpsdd5f71e7.jpg 
So, I have a complex about BOY London. I really like the stuff and I really like the look, but I really hate how mainstream it is. I’m not one for shying from mainstream, but when it comes to BOY London, it all seems a little contrived. However, this vest is a little a-typical, in that it has a snap of Andy Warhol with a BOY London cap superimposed onto his head. I like that it isn’t typical BOY London, so, I was sold.
  photo IMG_9409_zpsfb7cc70d.jpg 
YEY for filthy Salford!


SS13 Look Book: Prints Charming

Prints, they’re bloody everywhere at the moment and I’m loving that menswear has accepted them with open, multicoloured arms.

I’m particularly loving those prints that look like your Nanna’s wallpaper, those garish kinda prints you recognise from the 80s? Yeah, those.

 photo topman_zpsfd74b3c2.jpg 

A selection from TOPMAN
Picked up this tee from Zara, it’s the kind of print you’d expect on the wall in an Indian take-away, stained with grease and bodily fluids.
 photo IMG_9355_zpsfa3b4b78.jpg 
  photo IMG_9359_zpsed39a812.jpg 
Tee, Zara, £19.99
Shorts, Primark, £5.00
Boat Shoes, Rockport, £29.99, TK Maxx
Sunnies, RayBan, £125.00, Selfridges 
  photo IMG_9367_zpse093bc60.jpg 
Even the shorts are getting in on the action, with a sweet silhouette of two flying birds subtly printed all over the denim, as if stencilled.
  photo IMG_9371_zps470945a3.jpg 

SS13 Look Book: Slouch Potato

I must be getting old because I find myself wandering around places like M&S and John Lewis saying things like “oh, doesn’t this look comfy?”

Mind you, I can drag myself into a slightly more hip ‘n hap’nin store from time to time, like Zara, which coincidently is where I bought these rather amazing sweatpants t’other day. Why are they so amazing? Well, they have single-handedly inspired another of my looks for the Spring/Summer 2013 season: slouch.

 photo IMG_9340_zpsbc7bbe47.jpg

Tee, American Apparel, £16.00
Sweatpants, Zara, £19.00
Flip-Flops, Havaianas, gift

Work-Life balance has become a really important thing for me of late, every ounce of my being is put into ensure that I maximise the time I have at home with my cat and Adam and I think it has inspired this uncharacteristic wardrobe shift.

 photo IMG_9345_zps92ccbc99.jpg 
I’ve always been the fashion-freak in my friendship groups, I’m known for loud outfits that cause people to comment and am regularly berated for wearing stupid shoes that are so ill-fitting they’re stained with my own blood.

However, whilst I remain that daft fashion boy with more costume jewellery than his camp mother, when I’m trying to, y’know, live life, relax and spend quality time, I don’t want all that jingle jangle getting in the way and that’s why I’m loving this kind of look for days spent pottering around the flat, town or garden centres with my beloved.

 photo IMG_9342_zps31adc70f.jpg 

You never know, perhaps I’ll be buying a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit next (I won’t)


Holiday Wardrobe Update: TK Maxx strikes again

The sun has got its proverbial hat on and I’m going out to play. Well, not play exactly, but shop.

Now, as is the case with many of you, I’m strapped for cash, but, also like many of you, I need some new gear to see me through the hotter months!

So, TK Maxx it is then? Whilst I would adore to drop a tidy grand in Harvey Nichols, I’ve got an outstanding electricity bill and a fat cat to feed so priorities kick into action. Also, needless to say, I have become quite au fait with the juggernaut in discount fashion and do enjoy a good rummage through the rails, picking out those bargains.

And… let’s be honest, it is indeed a search and rescue operation, TK Maxx wouldn’t be the best/worst kept secret in fashion blogging if it was easy to pick out this season’s must-have with up to 60% off RRP now would it?

Holiday wardrobe was the brief and I have £100 to spend, no more, no less, let’s get to it!

 photo IMG_9308_zps5397ae92.jpg

Tee, [designer name embargoed], £9.99 (RRP £26.00), TK Maxx
Jeans, [designer name embargoed], £29.99 (RRP £112.00), TK Maxx

The fit on this tee is divine, a gorgeous Danish brand, only launching in the UK for AW13, with that attention to scandinavian cleaness and simplicity we’ve come to adore on British shores.

The jeans are also just the ticket, I’ve been after a beach-washed jean all season and these are just the right amount of slim without compromising on comfort. Superbly soft denim with a neat suede logo patch on the rear.
 photo IMG_9313_zps38748cbb.jpg

Boat shoes, [designer name embargoed], £29.99 (RRP £90.00), TK Maxx

This egg-shell blue leather is timeless and adds a certain je ne sais quoix to my collection of boat shoes! 

 photo IMG_9319_zpsf4c73431.jpg 
 photo IMG_9327_zps2855b12f.jpg 
Tee, [designer name embargoed], £7.99, Current Season, TK Maxx

I love this simple see, it has a certain air of McQueen or Unconditional London about it, perfect for popping on for al frasco drinks with friends this summer. 

 photo IMG_9328_zpse734f5f4.jpg 
Swim Shorts, [designer name embargoed], £16.99 (RRP £50.00), TK Maxx

 photo IMG_9334_zpse58e820c.jpg

Another must-have for my upcoming holiday to the insanity that is Orlando Florida, I love that these shorts are fitted enough to be flattering but modest enough to hide what god gave me, always a plus in a family destination.

Bish bash bosh, the perfect injection of summer for my wardrobe and all for £94.95 saving well over £200.00! Cheers TK ;o)


Diesel Waykee Jeans: ‘avin’ a Larkee in Waykees

I popped by USC in Manchester Trafford Centre t’other night because Diesel are making a right fuss about something called a Waykee.

 photo IMG_0806_zpsd6b4b054.jpg
USC Manchester Trafford Centre

I know, WTF? But, apparently, Waykee is a type of jean. Who knew? Those of loyal Diesel persuasion (and enviable bank accounts) will no doubt have heard of the Larkee, the brand’s best selling jeans style, a simple loose fitting regular straight leg in a plethora of shades and finishes. Well, in an effort to capitalise on the success of the Larkee, Diesel sought to reinvent the wheel with the Waykee, which is the Larkee, only with a waist band 0.5 inches higher and a leg 1 centimetre more tapered from the knee down.

 photo IMG_0804_zps0173702f.jpg

The Larkee, in all their glory.

Not exactly revolutionary you say? Well perhaps not, after all, 1 centimetre, when all is said and done, isn’t a lot. Mind you, in jean world it can make quite the difference. It turns a regular straight leg into a regular straight with a leg (from the knee down) 1 centimetre more tapered. See? No really, it is a noticeable difference.

 photo IMG_9285_zpsf9fd87cd.jpg
Vest, Diesel, at USC £45.00
Jeans, Diesel, at USC £120.00
Shoes, Converse at Ryan Vintage £15.00

Now, I’m not a Larkee man. I don’t have the build to pull off a jean style any wider than a (silk-cut) cigarette leg and regularly opt for a pair of skinny jeans over any other style. So, when Waykee was introduced to me as a the leaner younger brother of the Diesel “Dad jean” Larkee, I was excited to see what it was all about.

 photo IMG_9290_zps71690c88.jpg

So, I tried them on and they are a lovely fit, the 807R blue style includes that pinned-up ruffed look on the hem, a leather back patch reads “made to last” and there’s a discreet metal plate, which reads 1978, that’s a nice touch. 

 photo IMG_9295_zps70fefbf6.jpg photo IMG_9298_zps073c3ede.jpg

The rise was flattering, that 0.5 inches made the difference, but the leg was just too wide for me and I think that, since the style launches at USC for this season, the dark blue and black colour options are too Autumnal when consumers want light hues and fabrics for summer months. 

 photo IMG_9293_zpse369cdda.jpg

Having said that, I adore the vest I nabbed, also from Diesel, it’s a kinda retro wall-paper pattern, perfect for the summer months when I may eventually get a tan!

But, what do you think? @jordanjmcdowell



SS13 Look Book: Grunge Prince

 photo JordanMcDowell2_zpsa6b895dc.jpg 

Despite the rather inclement weather we’re having in the North at present, my SS13 wardrobe is in full swing. Kinda. I’ve been inspired by gritty textures and dark hues of the grunge look this season and what’s more, the look is perfect for Northern English summers, i.e. bloody cold ones!

  photo JordanMcDowellFashionManchester_zps0bc9d3da.jpg 

Shirt, George
Necklace, TOPMAN
Jeans, Wrangler
Boots, Dr Martens

  photo JordanMcDowell-2_zpsaac6a49c.jpg 

I love a good necklace I do and this one is at once semi-grunge and also just a lil’ bit Gaga. Bonus.

  photo DrMartens_zps2e72c62a.jpg 

They’re back again, the Dr Martens boots. Clunky but comfy and perfect for this look… mind you, if we do ever get a summer, I might get a little sweaty….


New Look SS13 Wish List

It’s tee time! Well, nearly. The summer months are headed our way (I promise) and it’s time to get those elbows out into the sunshine and what better way to do that than with a t-shirt, ‘eh?

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite tees from good old New Look, a shop I remember fondly from my skint youth and one I still frequent (damn Recession). Here goes my all in one approach to SS13 dressing. It’s simple, ya just top it off.

  photo 8e2bfe92-5946-4142-85ea-c69a7072db26_zpsf708113c.jpg  photo Screenshot2013-03-15at221829_zpscfe36c7f.png  photo Screenshot2013-03-15at221908_zps040de692.png photo Screenshot2013-03-15at222007_zps0c434bfc.png

Blue Bird Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt £19.99
Navy Geo Strip T-Shirt £9.99
Stone Feather Freedom T-Shirt £12.99
Soft Pink Crew Neck Jumper £14.99
Ok, ok, two aren’t strictly tees but I’m a sucker for a nice sweater. Call me old fashioned but summers aren’t what they used to be and I feel the chill, so sometimes, I crave something a little more covered up. Alright?
I’m loving the cornflower blue trend coming through for SS13, especially in womenswear. I was adverse to it at first (having had lengthy discussions about the pros and cons with various Stylists, as you do) but I’ve kinda come round to it now. *shrugs*.
Oh and the feather thing? Who doesn’t wish they were a Native American Indian High Priest when slut-dropping on the dance floor?
This is a sponsored post.

SS13 Look Book: Beetle Crusher

So, I’ve stepped into the directional sphere and bought myself some Creepers. They’re a little out there and the boyf calls them my lesbian shoes but I love ’em. I love them even more now because my parents told me the name they used to call them when the shoes made their début, Beetle Crushers. SUCH A COOL NAME.

This look blends my wish to be totes Blogger without looking like Susie Bubble dressed me in the dark, whilst pissed.


 photo JMcDowellGlasses_zps6ef335c6.jpg 
Jeans, ZARA
Socks, ASOS
Beetle Crushers, Underground, Office
Jewellery, TOPMAN
Sunglasses, RayBan, Selfridges

 photo JordanmcDowellNewYork_zps4a9a3e45.jpg

Love the tee, who knew New York’s grid system would look so avant garde on a tee?
 photo JMcDowlel_zps6df66486.jpg
 photo JMCDOWELLFRAMBLER_zps2bd2bb9c.jpg

 photo JewelleryJordanMcDowell_zpsadb266a3.jpg 
Thumbs up or down?

 photo CreepersJordanMcDowell_zps3ee7d046.jpg

My Beetle Crushers, aren’t you well jell?


SS13 Look Book: Boy Scout

When you reach your early twenties, something strange happens and you start dressing like you’re sixteen. Well, I seem to.
When I was actually sixteen, I was too busy buying fake ID and trying to look old enough to get into bars to even think about back-packs and hi-tops. Allow me to indulge me misspent yoof.
 photo JordanJMcDowell_zpscd2b71e6.jpg 
 photo JordanMcDowellNikeHiTops_zps093cb93a.jpg 
Quilted Hoodie, Tokyo Tigers, Oska Menswear
Necklace, TOPMAN
Jeans, Zara
Hi-Tops, Nike
Badges, lord knows, found ’em in my knicker draw. 
 photo JordanMcDowellASOS_zps40ec3626.jpg
 photo NOParkingJordanmcDowell_zpsae722e21.jpg  

  photo JordanMcDowellTOPMAN_zps16f49b3f.jpg
I actually bought this necklace as part of a Secret Santa present for a work colleague but loved it so much I got myself one to. It’s just pretty brilliant. Nice under a collar on a shirt, cool with tees and not too OTT. Prefect.

SS13 Look Book: Smart Minimalism

 photo JordanMcDowellSmartFashion1_zps0850d597.jpg

Thought I’d go all easy peasy and scrap the lashings of TOPMAN metal in favour of a paired down approach. 

What we have here is my best attempt at looking intentionally under-accessorised. Obviously, I had to make a statement with the footwear to compensate.

I like that the look is a little grungy in its palette and footwear but still suitable suited and smart looking.

 photo JordanMcDowellFashionRambler3_zps71387835.jpg 

I adore the colour of this suit, a warm sticky red wine sauce colour that was as perfect at Christmas time as it will be on a summer’s eve.

 photo JordanMcDowellSmart2_zps4da93ae5.jpg
Suit, Primark, Exclusive to Selfridges Manchester Trafford
Shirt, ZARA 
Boots, Dr Martens

I wear it with an ashy grey shirt to keep the tones distinct but equally murky and earthy. This is also a really comfy shirt because its so stretchy!

 photo JordanMcDowellDrMartens_zps31836a6e.jpg
I quite like the effect of the stompy Dr Martens boots with the smart suit, I’m not entirely convinced the trousers are skinny enough to cope but I like the experiment.

What dya think? @jordanjmcdowell