Video killed the radio star.

So, I’ve been playing fashion boy at for a bit now. I manage the tweets, facebook, blog and BWD.TV (which is my favourite bit). It takes me way back to Media Studies class when I made a creepy thriller film and a music video with toddlers popping pills (it was art, darling). Must dig ’em out!

Anywho…Check out this week’s installment where we take viewers behind the scenes at one of our product shoots. Exciting stuffs fashion lovers! AW11 collections from Lulu & Co (Fashion East’s Lulu Kennedy’s latest venture) Carven (love), Rag and Bone (love more), By Malene Birger (want that utility belt lots) and loads more hawt brands for ladies and boys that don’t give a toss if it’s a girl’s Tee. (me).


Spinningfields Screenfields Sex And The City Best Dressed Competition

I was asked by Spinningfields, the new corporate and financial district of Manchester, to judge a competition. 
Perhaps it was to assess the most ecological of the Banks whose HQ are within Spinningfields, perhaps I was to judge the talent of the chefs at any one of the districts restaurants. 
No… I was to find the Best Dressed of the attendees who braved the unpredictable weather to sit on grass and watch Sex And The City: The Movie on the outdoor big screen.
This is the life of a fashion boy.
You can read all about how I got on at the newly resurrected The Fashion Network Blog here.
Oh and, here is what I wore to judge other’s for what they wore….

Jacket, Current/Elliot, BlackWhiteDenim, £275.00
Tee, Chea Mondays, Urban Outfitters, £22.00
Jeans, Wrangler, £80.00
Boots, Primark, £5.00

See the night’s proceedings here.


I Stole Damion Le Cappelain

My introduction to the blogosphere happened only a short while ago and already I feel like I am more part of the industry than ever. Participation and conversation are key to these new uses of social media and that mode of interactivity isn’t apparent when flicking through VOGUE. Obviously magazines like VOGUE have a role in the industry but I think blogging is filling a void that has long been neglected. Everyday people are becoming fashion critics.
I was introduced to this rather amazing designer by the Style Salvage blog and since I’m new to all this blogging malarky I am stealing him for this post and hoping that I am not breaking blogging etiquette by doing so. I am including Le Cappelain’s work to both indulge my obsession and to dedicate this post to a designer I would otherwise have not heard of hadn’t it been for blogs.
Introducing, Damion Le Cappelain:
The Three Layered Boot
The Cut-Out Oxford
My favorite, the Armor Boots
Men’s footwear becomes artful. These boots use the principals of those staples within a man’s wardrobe and create something new and awesome. I would wear the armor boots every day if I had them.