A mouth full of tools and brushes a day keeps the dentist away

I’m coming up to my 1 year #braceface anniversary soon, and what better way to celebrate than by telling you all about the insane things I put in mouth (easy tiger) to keep my nashers clean.

(well you try stringing a year’s worth of tooth-related content together, it’s hard!)

Aquafresh non-alcohol mouth wash, Manual tooth brush, OralB 3000 electric toothbrush body, Lush Atomic Tooth Powder, Tepe inter-dental brush, Electric toothbrush head, decorative apple #instagram, Interspace inter-dental brush, Toothpaste and Boots orthodontic wax
Yep, up to thrice daily most, if not all, of these things end up in my gob. Except the apple, that’s just a photographic metaphor, forbidden fruit and all like. I’m like Da Vinci, with braces.

What’s a particularly interesting product of late, though, is Lush’s tooth powder. For those of you that remember Eucryl, the powder based stain remover for your teeth, this is essentially the same principal, only there are more flavours. 
I opted for Atomic, which has that peppery, savoury taste a Dentist’s mouth wash has, you know the one, the pink liquid? It’s a great refresher for one’s teeth and suitable for braces too! Some would use instead of tooth paste, I use it as a post-paste but pre-mouthwash extra toothy treat.

I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly a year since I had my braces fixed, so much (not just in my mouth!) has changed since then and the process has been faster, more interesting and exciting that I had ever expected. I’ve actually enjoyed having the braces on and it’s not over-exaggeration when I say that I prefer my smile when hidden behind metal braces and wires than I did my smile before my braces. I feel like, even with them still on and still with work to do, that I’m more confident because the main cause of anxiety is partially concealed from the world. 

I must admit though, Ifind it hard to picture what I’ll look like when they come off, because even the shape of my face has changed, so I think it’ll be quite a shock when I see. Which, incidentally, may be sooner than first forecast, but more on that soon!

"It’s like Uber, but for massages"

“It’s like Uber, but for massages,” is how I’ve been describing Urban Massage to anyone who will listen to me talk about the latest craze to sweep Manchester WIFI networks. Essentially it goes like this, you download the app, search massage therapists in your area and book them with as little notice as 60 minutes, direct to your home, hotel or office! Urban Massage are live in London, Bristol and now Manchester, with therapists on call to kneed out your knots and tease out muscle tension, from the comfort of you own home.

Now, I’m a big fan of massage, I try to get one every month, to help relieve tension in my back. I take all my stress internally, meaning sometimes I can barely move my neck, but, having a massage in my own living room is new for even me! This is also the first professional massage I’ve had from a guy, so double trouble.

All set up and ready to go in our living room! Spot the cat!

Dave was his name and he arrived right on time armed with a fold out massage table and his bag of aromatherapy oils and what not. He quickly got set up and we began. He seemed a little nervous, I was his first ever Urban Massage client and, y’know, I was reviewing him. Still, he quickly got into it.

Here’s Dave!

I must admit, this was a very different massage from my usual rub down. No dimmed lighting, no atmospheric music, no hushed voices and aromatic burning oils. Instead I chatted away with Dave throughout, the cat kept pissing around and didn’t understand why my head was poking through a hole in a table and it was all rather jolly… not exactly a calming massage, as my treatment was entitled.

I felt that, because it was my home, I was the host and therefore never truly let go. I wanted Dave to think I was nice and a good conversationalist, I offered him a drink, y’know hosted him. Normally, however, I barely look up at my therapists as I de-robe and say, “firm pressure between my shoulder blades,” and plonk myself on the table, face down.

Urban Massage seems perfect for workaholics like me who just need the use of their neck and shoulders back before their next meeting. But, on the all too infrequent occasion that I take time to myself, I need to be properly looked after, in a spa, with pinky plonky muzak playing.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t use Urban Massage for those occasions when I just can’t get to a salon and need a good kneading!

Try our Urban Massage for yourself with £20 off your first booking by using this code: 
This post was written with my disclosure policy in mind here.

Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish

It was my birthday t’other day and a very close friend of mine who lives around 300 miles away took the time and trouble to drive all the way up to Manchester to surprise me! She’s a really special lady and I’m lucky to have her in my life.

With her, she brought a gift, which at once demonstrated the value of her friendship and also confirmed my ageing skin obviously needs some attention. The bitch.

In all seriousness, my lovely friend got me a great gift which has already become part of my weekly Sunday pamper ritual, along with my Kedem hand scrub and cream. The ritual goes like this… 

First, I fill the basin with hot water, as hot as I can stand it and I gently push the Liz Earle white muslin cotton cloth into the water, to soak up the heat. (I know, a special cloth for a special ritual.)

Then, I massage two pumps of the Cleanse and Polish cream into my face and neck, paying close attention to the creases around my nose and the eye sockets.

I then rinse the cloth and use it to wipe away the cream – which takes with it, dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of my face. I place a finger inside the cloth to get into the nooks and crannies on my face, to really lift the cleanser off.

Then, I rinse my face with cool water to close my pores before beginning my moisturising.

If anything, it’s just therapeutic to methodically go through the stages and the process leaves my face tingly clean and fresh. Perfect for just before Monday morning spinning when I sweat out all the goodness…


Spare a moment for Kedem

Popped to Ideal Home Show t’other day (not really anything to write home about) but had a Jewish epiphany whilst there. Let me explain.
Kedem, Dead Sea beauty products, inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty regime using the sea’s minerals, were there and we were cornered by a chatty sales girl when walking past looking for carpet swatches.
After a flustered recovery from the question, “any special ladies in your lives?” To which we responded “we’re each other’s special lady,” she promptly took to washing and exfoliating our hands.
Oh my gosh. What a transformation. I’ve never had hands so smooth. I’ve been neglecting my hands of late and you can really tell. They are all cracked and manly. Yuk. So I was well into this treat. 
She first applied a gorgeous hand sea salt scrub made with peach and honey, saying “be cheap with this, I’m Jewish, so you know I’m cheap…” (I think she meant use sparingly.)
Then a cutical roll on oil with more dead sea minerals and a rich hand cream with plant extracts.
Simply divine and worth a cheeky mention here. 

Movember 2014: Wrap up

Well, Movember has come to a spectacular end and I’ve done all my moustachioed best to raise funds, awareness and lols for the cause this last month. Turning good grooming into a conversation starter about men’s health and mental well-being is what it’s all about (as well as getting to try some nice products too!)

 Ladies and gentlemen, nay, Mo-bros and Mo-sistas, my mo!

To all those that read my mo-story this month, and donated to sponsor my efforts, thank you so much.

If you’ve yet to sponsor my mo – you still have time! Donate here.

Before I wave goodbye to Movember for good, here’s a couple of last minute reviews to see you off. Aloe Clear is a roll-on after shave treatment to help combat razor rash. For those brothers that know, razor rash is that extremely sore, tender irritation that occurs when either you’ve shaved with a new blade or without properly preparing your skin. I can get a little irritation on my neck where my hair grows coarser and most men have sections of their facial hair that grow in different grains and this too can cause discomfort during and after shaves.

I used Aloe Clear a couple of times throughout this month to mitigate this malady and was impressed with the results, the soothing Aloe Vera quickly gets to work and for £2.95, you can’t say fairer than that!

To accompany all this shaving malarkey, the kind people at Sting In The Tail sent me one of their vegetable oil soaps. This massive cube of soap is a little difficult to handle, but looks great in the bathroom. The soap is best used by rubbing the top of the cube with wet fingers to lather some soap up before applying to the rest of the hands. This would make a nice stocking filler methinks.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to donate to Movember and you can do so here.


Movember 2014: Below The Belt Review

Well, Movember is coming to an end and whilst my mo is still making marvellous mo-gress, how about we concentrate on something else. 

Movember is all about changing the face of men’s health through the art of the moustache, starting conversations and raising money for men’s mental health and men’s cancer charities. Men’s cancers come in many forms, but they also include testicular cancer. So, have you checked your pair lately?

To get my gentlemen readers the mood for a grope downstairs, let’s talk men’s grooming, below the belt! No, really, Below The Belt is a men’s grooming product – for your balls.

Below The Belt

I know, I thought it was a little bizarre too, when I received the email from the PR. But, if I’m mooching around my junk, performing my cheeky monthly check-up (that’s not a euphemism), I might as well splash a product or two around whilst I’m at it (also, not a euphemism).

Before you ask, no there won’t be any snaps of these particular products in action – but here’s how they fared. 

The Waterless Shower (£6.95) is just like those hand sanitisers you get in hospitals, the type that dries really quickly. It basically smells the same and it acts the same. Not exactly something I’d use day-to-day, preferring the cleansing properties of a genuine shower around my tackle, but perfect for camping (I don’t camp) or festivals (I don’t do festivals).

Fresh & Dry Balls (£6.95) is a product one uses like deodorant, but on one’s business. It’s a thick cream that keeps things tickety-boo and do you know what, I like this one quite a bit. It’s absorbed quickly, leaving a dusting of talc for added, je ne sais quoi and who doesn’t like the sound of fresh and dry balls? No one, that’s who.

Lastly the Sports Lubricant, the title scares me a little, simply because it implies sports. However, I slapped a bit on before my Step class t’other day and it was quite the experience. Like sloshing around in a bubble bath with myself. I quite recommend it. Oh, and I didn’t chafe either.

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Movember 2014: Hair Today Review

So, my mo is on it’s way – but I’m getting sick of waiting for it to bush-up a la Freddie Mercury. So, I’m cheating. Introducing Hair Today.

Hair Today is one of those fabulous (straight from Home Shopping Network) products for near-balding men looking to grasp hold of a long forgotten youth. It’s literally hair in a can.

Hair Today, Amirose, £14.99, buy here

Shake the nearly-almost-sort-of-like-real hair flakes atop your head and wave goodbye to shiny embarrassment and hello to Hair Today. (I could write the commercial…)


Honestly it quite impressive, the flakes are like iron filings, so they kinda look like hair. I bet this is the secret to Conchita Wurst’s lucious beard.

Anyway, I thought it’d be a giggle to sprinkle a little Hair Today into my fledgling moustache to beef it up a little, like sprinkling OXO into a watery stew.

Using a cotton bud I managed to get an even coating and hey presto, move over Freddie, there’s a new ‘stache in town!


You can donate to my Movember efforts here, your donation means a lot and (along with my mo) is helping to change the face of men’s health.


Movember 2014: Nu Skin Review

Time for another Movember shave, oh my – this mo is getting moving.

Nu Skin, Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm, £16.72 and £25.67, buy here and here

For this shave I used Nu Skin shave cream and aftershave balm, and quite the experience it was too. The shaving cream is in a squeezy tube and is slapped on one’s visage like icing on a cake (but, with your hands…) Basically, you don’t use a shaving brush. 

The cream lathers well, considering you don’t have the brush to get it going, and the shave was smooth and without drag, which is quite the feat considering the cream is an exfoliator too! Whilst you’re applying it and then shaving, the cream gently removes dirt and dry skin leaving a fresh face as well as a hairless one. 2 in 1!

The aftershave balm was really cooling and refreshing, helping to prevent any rawness on the neck the scent was interesting too. Lord knows what it was, but it was nice and fresh, like cucumber.

So, here we have it, the mo so far.

Before and after!

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Movember 2014: St. Kitts Spiced Lime Shaving Soap Review

Time to get this show on the road. Since 1st November I’ve been growing a mo as part of Movember and t’other day, it was time for my first shave!
So, for my first shave I tried the fresh and zesty concoction that is St. Kitts shaving cream, here goes.

Classic Shaving Brush, £5.95
The scent of St. Kitts is really something, it transports you to a faraway island spa paradise. With buff boys serving Bellinis (maybe that’s why it’s called St. Kitts, like the Caribbean island?) It’s a modern fragrance and a refreshing one too. The cream doesn’t lather much, but still leaves a silky buffer between blade and skin that helps the shave slip smoothly from start to finish. All in all, the perfect shave with no irritation or drag.
Before and after.
The scent carries through to the after shave spray, but to be honest with you, it’s a little much. Whilst the scent is gorgeous, it’s a little fruity to be considered a fragrance one might wear. So, do you know what I do with it? I spray my towels with it. Oh my god, my bathroom smells like a hotel spa. It’s incredible.  

To finish off the shave I used the After Shave Balm from His Heaven, a rich and nourishing cream, perfect for post-shave pampering. Read more about His Heaven here.

Well, there we are, step one to achieving mo-status for Movember. Please show your support by donating to my Movember efforts here. 

Your donations mean a lot and are helping to change the face of men’s health (not to mention my upper lip!)


Movember 2014: Let’s get ready to mo

It’s November, nay Movember, and y’all know what that means. A month of hairy antics taking place upon my face. Yes that’s right, I’m committing my upper lip to charity to help us all talk more openly about men’s cancers and mental health (and for the grooming products…)

I know, I’m like Mother Teresa, just with (more of) a moustache.

Last year’s mogress

So, expect updates on the mo, grooming reviews and a few cheeky surprises along the way. But, in true telethon style, none of this could be possible without your donations, do please pick up the phone (actually, don’t just go online) and donate to the cause.

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