The Denim Doctor

I went to see the Doctor the other day. Not just any Doctor, oh no, The Denim Doctor. I was interested to meet the man that has reinvented tailoring, certainly in the North West, and was surprised to step into one of the most interesting work shops I’ve ever seen.
James Personal Tailoring & Son is on Cross Street in Manchester and has recently opened a new surgery for old and worn denim. Mike Pendlebury (the ‘Son’ of the business name) began the venture to help attract customers who would other wise not use a bespoke service.
If you’re interested in learning a little more about The Denim Doctor and his range of amazing services, click here
If you’re interested in the amazing workshop, scroll down.
Could this be any more British?
That’s my coffee cup…

The entrance, on the wall are photos of the Tailor’s famous clients. Click here to see more.


Munkispanner presents Xpose Yourself

I was invited to a rather unique get together the other night which was designed to act act as a platform to showcase independent fashion brands within the Manchester area. The night was hosted at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter and featured stilt-walkers, fire jugglers, burlesque performers, DJs, MCs and music.

The fashions were sustainable, bespoke, some were street/urban and others were bridal/vintage. Both menswear and womenswear was presented and I was surprised to find some new brands that I will be buying from in future.

T-shirt by Xpose Yourself brand ‘Not For Ponies’

I got given this T-Shirt from Caroline, the designer behind Munkispanner, and I love it. Munkispanner is a Manchester based online boutique for British subculture clothing speciailising in those that feel happy in any one of the following taxonomies: mod, ska, skinhead, scooterist, retro or northern soul. It also welcomes those that do not identify with these tribes but just like well made pieces, sourced ethically and made in Britain. Lovely.