John Lewis’ Edition Magazine

So, who else stumbled across the John Lewis ‘Edition’ magazine and didn’t tell me? I was mooching around the John Lewis store at Manchester Trafford Centre a while back, buying a memory foam pillow if you must know.  (It’s an amazing pillow that supports my neck and doubles as the perfect weapon in a pillow fight. Like being knocked out by a car door.)
Anyway, I was paying for said pillow/weapon and I saw this. I picked it up dutifully and popped it in my bag. It wasn’t until I got home and the Boyf was flicking through it that we realised it was actually rather good!
It looks like a real magazine. You know, rather that in-store advertorial. It’s packed, interesting and has relevant things to say about men’s style.

I’m impressed. Not only this but it isn’t written by a bunch of Marketing Execs either (Not that this is always a bad thing). It’s written by Journo types like The Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley and Luke Leitch from The Telegraph. 
The Autumn issue is out now. Test the memory foam pillow whilst you’re there. To die for.

VOGUE, December 1984.

Christmas is nearly upon us and so I have a little treat. An old copy of VOGUE given to me by a dear friend a few Christmases ago. The issue was the Christmas Issue for December 1984 and depicts an era lost in the realms of nostalgia and TOPMAN knock-offs. A rare insight into ladies-wear for fashion Ramber but nevertheless a stunning pictorial. Merry Christmas
 Recession busting fashion finds, by VOGUE.
 health warning comes with a Cartier cigarette holder.
Fur. Discuss.
The English woman and her English garden.
 Frankie Goes To Hollywood, in the Men’s pages.