Tash Diary 5: The shave

So, with Movember finally over and because I’ve got sick of people pointing at my lip hair and saying, “It’s not Movember anymore!” I’ve decided, it is time to call time on my moustache. It’s time for the shave.

Firstly, thank you all who donated to the cause, it means a lot to know that I can do something completely self-involved and mostly about my own vanity and curiosity around facial hair whilst masking it with charity. For that, I’m grateful to you all.

The total raised I hear you ask? £226.00!

Now, the shave.

This was me post-Movember and after a pretty tough week at work (that’s why I look so, unkempt)

 photo facebefore_zps1ac6b7fe.jpg 

 photo 125-Dirty-Shaving-Cream-resized_zps9a5754e6.jpg

I firstly took to my face-bush with the electric beard trimmer, I couldn’t just go straight in with the wet-shave, with all that was going on on my face. I’d have been cut to ribbons!

After a trim, I took to the wet shave with LUSH’s Dirty Shaving Cream (£5.50) It’s from the Gorilla Perfume range and if used alongside other elements of the range like the shower gel and the deodorant, it comes together to form one fragrance, called Dirty. 

It’s not exactly dirty, but I think they’re trying to be ironic.

 photo faceduring_zps81e6e72b.jpg

The shaving cream had a great lather and considering I’ve not shaved in a while and haven’t touched my moustache with a blade in weeks, the razor glided over the hair perefectly with no drag, it certainly did it’s job.

 photo faceend_zps83f2a408.jpg

Bald as a baby.


Tash Diary 4: The end

Well, it’s the end of #Movember, the end of a month of hairy antics and an itchy upper lip. 

Key learnings: I can grow a stache, I don’t look that odd (although, there is still disagreement) and I still might keep it for Christmas!

 photo 4-upon2013-12-01at2014_zps7e09ea5d.jpg

Oh, and we changed the face of men’s health for another year with the Movember movement, well done guys and girls! Or, should I say, Mo Bros and Mo Sitas? (No, I shouldn’t say that, ever).

Thank you to those that supported my efforts and donated to the cause, it truly meant a lot. I can now reveal that my grand total for Movember 2013 is:


But, wait, that’s not all. You can still donate to support Movember! Click here now and dig deep because, after all, it’s nearly Christmas!

Oh and I celebrated the end of Movember 2013 by watching Oscar winning Argo, a film pretty much just about Moustaches in the Middle East.

 photo Argo-7copy_zps242c2ed5.jpg 

Tash Diary 3: It gets serious

So. I’ve been doing the Movember thing and do you know what guys, it’s getting pretty serious. Why? Because I’ve shaved the accompanying beard and gone for the full on tash for the first time!

I’ve been accompanying my tash with a little surrounding shrubbery, as a bit of a buffer between twinky and moustachioed and now is the time to strip down to the bear bones of it and rock that mo for the rest of Movember.

This is me pre-shave.

 photo IMG_9518_zps7f54df22.jpg

 photo Screenshot2013-11-21at194657_zps0efc091e.jpgI had let it get a little wild, for shame.

I decided to trim the beard back with electronic clippers and then go for a wet close shave. I used His Heaven skincare shaving foam (£55) for men, a gorgeous shaving cream with a thick almost nougat like consistency and that irresistible smell of spa. Dannii Minogue is also a fan, who knew she had a mo?

This is me during-shave.

 photo IMG_9526_zpsc5da4926.jpg

It actually took a little longer than usual, the hair really had gotten a little crazy and manoeuvring around the moustache took skill!

This is me post-shave!

 photo Tash_zps3694019a.jpg

Here it is, my mo. Three/four weeks old.

 photo Screenshot2013-11-21at194642_zps0914d96e.jpgI used the His Heaven after shave relief spray (£37). Wow, I’ve never used a post-shave spray and it was amazing. Zero irritation and a really nice refreshing feeling, much recommended.

Celebrate Movember anyway you can and raise money for the cause. If you’re in Manchester, pop along to Lock 91 on Deansgate on 29th Movember from 6:30pm to help raise funds, with or without a tash!



Tash Diary 2: Progress + Mospiration

So, as y’all know, I’m doing the Movember thing. Growing a tash to change the face of Men’s health, literally!


Now, before I let you in on my progress, I’ve been thinking, who is my mospiration? What’s mospiration I hear you gasp? Like inspiration but moustache related. Keep up.

I know I said Freddie Mercury was a mo-hero at first but, let’s face it, that’s one afro of a stash and I don’t think I can live up to it. Plus, I’m a little less brush-tash and a little more 80s porn idol, a la:

 photo stache_zps6424ab62.jpg 

I have a more pervvy yet curious look about my baby-tash, one that I’m actually rather alright with. So, who could be my maths-teacher-who-helps-out-at-boy-scouts kinda moustache Moses, my holy hairy idol? How about this guy?

 photo 106945165_zps0a4d646c.jpg

James Franco’s lip service

This is a tash I can get on-board with. It’s one of those kinda delicate tickly moustaches that looks good on twinks. Especially ones with acid wash skinny jeans and tight white t-shirts. 

Jude Law (there’s a thing with Js here) is another moustachioed man that I can aspire to replicate. He’s even got a little residual stubble too, which I’m currently playing with too.

 photo fcdd40ab85e9f8d360fdaef33-1352829770068_zps9214abde.png

Jude Law’s law on facial hair

So, we know the direction I’m going in. Without further ado, here I am…

 photo 4-upon2013-11-11at20295_zps7fe7a9b7.jpg

Me and my mo.



Happy Movember: Tash Diary entry 1

So, those that follow me over on Twitter will no doubt know that I’ve decided to do movember as it were. I’m going to grow my facial hair out in a bid to ‘change my face’, thus literally changing the face of men’s health issues via the Movember movement.

How lovely. Lots of moustachioed chaps will become walking billboards for the awareness of men’s cancers by becoming a little bit hairier!

I’ve never grown my facial hair much past “designer stubble” and to be completely honest, this is probably the first year I’d have got away with a moustache of any kind if I’d have tried. #puberty!

 photo freddie1_zpsf5b17acf.jpg

Moustache Bro

I got a bit of a head-start, my last shave was around the third week of October so I’ve had about a week’s worth of growth. Let’s see how I’m doing!


Please sponsor my hair-raising efforts (‘eh, ‘eh!) by donating here, I’d be very grateful for even a couple of (hundred) pounds.

What’s more, I’ll post on Vine throughout #movember to give you a taste of my hairy delights (too far).

If you wanna jump on board, there’s still time! Find out more here!