BBC Radio Manchester’s Retail Therapy – Listen Again 31/21/11

Hello readers, and now listeners. I’ve just come off air with BBC Radio Manchester and thought that since it’s New Years Eve, you’re probably still in bed. So, you may want the opportunity to listen Retail Therapy on podcast. (Call it a late Christmas present).
I talk you through spending wisely for SS12 and in the current SALE period. Get more for your money by buying into exciting brands, from independent retailers and clothes with a  dash of Northern soul.
When shopping SS12 and the SALES in the coming months, remember to have a firm grasp on those purse strings and recall these easy to memorise bullet points:
  • SALE items are those the store needs to get rid of. Do YOU really need it?
  • A bargain is only a bargain if you would have paid full price!
  • Buy Trans-Seasonal and avoid trends to have a wardrobe fit for the entire year.
  • How can you wear AND re-wear. These pieces need to work all year round!
  • Have a story to tell, the biggest compliment is someone asking where your clothing is from, shock them and have a real reason behind your purchase!
Featured products include:
Online and in store at Origin68, (Chinese Arts Centre, Northern Quarter Manchester)
The Human Being Tee from Origin68. A northern Tee brand with a (possibly obsessive) love for Tees. Organic and ethically sourced cotton that goes the long haul and a bargain at £18.00!
Online and in store at Black White Denim, (Wilmslow)
The Collective Tee. An amazing brand for girls and boys that collaborates with a different artist each season to create something truly original. Become the Art Gallery and walk around with a Bob Carlos Clarke print from the AW11 collection or a Terry O’Neill photo from the SS12 lot.
Online and in store at Each To Their Own (Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield)
Alex Christopher, the northern Designer has a touch of Westwood about his clothes. These Chinos are perfect for the remainder of Winter and for the coming Summer months. Wear and re-wear your wardrobe this year for cost effective fashion!
Online and in store at Black White Denim (Wilmslow)
Victoria Beckham’s denim may be an expense, but it is one you won’t have to make often. Fab quality and around £130.00 in the current sales. Buy now, wear for ages!

I hope you liked the selection and I hope you’ll think twice before buying that supposed bargain when your money could be going to more exciting use!

Listen again to Retail Therapy’s NYE show, available ’til 7/1/12



Sorry for being quiet for a while. Lots has been going on and such but here is a little posty-wosty about a cool campaign that has taken over Manchester’s retail districts. 

Post-riots (find out more about the riots in my When Twitter Backfires post) Manchester City Council and other organisations have embraced a campaign devised to get shoppers back into the city. We are a world of consumers… The campaign is an extension of the Visit Manchester initiative which prints ‘I (love heart) MCR’ on everything for tourists to buy a la New York. So, by popping a poster in your window, your shop participates. Easy peasey. What’s more is that the WHOLE Manchester Metro Link tram service network was FREE today for shoppers to commute with financial ease. Bonus.

I went into town to have a looksee. (on a free tram no-less)


Munkispanner presents Xpose Yourself

I was invited to a rather unique get together the other night which was designed to act act as a platform to showcase independent fashion brands within the Manchester area. The night was hosted at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter and featured stilt-walkers, fire jugglers, burlesque performers, DJs, MCs and music.

The fashions were sustainable, bespoke, some were street/urban and others were bridal/vintage. Both menswear and womenswear was presented and I was surprised to find some new brands that I will be buying from in future.

T-shirt by Xpose Yourself brand ‘Not For Ponies’

I got given this T-Shirt from Caroline, the designer behind Munkispanner, and I love it. Munkispanner is a Manchester based online boutique for British subculture clothing speciailising in those that feel happy in any one of the following taxonomies: mod, ska, skinhead, scooterist, retro or northern soul. It also welcomes those that do not identify with these tribes but just like well made pieces, sourced ethically and made in Britain. Lovely.