SS16 Look Book: Camel Coloured Coats

Spring has sprung, just about, so I’m out of my dark, heavy, wool coat and into something a little lighter in weight – and hue – for the new season.

I have two new coats, both a shade of camel, which make for perfect transitional pieces when the weather hasn’t quite made its mind up.

Both these coats have that cocky estate boy-made-good vibe going on, like they’ve been bought (or stolen) at a second-hand shop by some scallywag in sheep’s clothing. I love them! 


Coat, TOPMAN, £150
Jumper, Pop Boutqiue, £20
Chinos, Zara, £19.99
Boots, ASOS, Sale
Necklace, TOPMAN, £10
The first is something a little formal, a coat that easily dresses up any outfit. A gorgeous cut, long-length and nice paired-back design, which makes for a timeless piece I’ll cherish for years to come.
It’s 100% wool, and has a nice light weight weave meaning even in the height of summer this will be a nice coat for evenings and days when Manchester plays up to its reputation and the sun is hidden from view.
I style this in the guise of an unemployed yoof in the late 1980s, determined to make use of his Dad’s old over coat when headed to an interview at the local bookies. All I need is a gold sovereign ring!

I have a casual option too. In a beautiful shade of Tobacco, this coat from Bellfield is proper retro. (I’m pretty sure my dad had one just like it in the late 80s to be honest.) It’s a cool bomber shape, in soft suede and elasticed cuffs, collar and hem, making it a great throw-on for days out in the springtime sun.


Top, American Apparel, £20
 Jeans, Primark, £12
Trainers, Converse, £35
Shades, TOPMAN, £12 

I style this in the guise of the other coat’s younger brother, not yet worried about paying his Mam rent, and instead skiving off school to drink Lager and play pool down the local boozer with his mates.



You can check our Bellfield’s mens clothing here and the bomber is under mens coats and jackets here. Also, if you’re feeling cheeky, treat yourself to something and get 20% off with promo code BLOG20


This post was written with my disclosure policy in mind here.

AW15 Look Book: Super Size Me

A colleague of mine got an email the other day that started, “I hope you had a nice summer?”

He nearly cried. I nearly cried. But, then I remembered, I adore Autumn/Winter (I love saying Autumn/Winter instead of just Autumn because it sounds so dicky!) All the perfectly clichéd favourites spring to mind like fallen leaves, crisp mornings, hot chocolate and nights in. And of course, fabulous fashion.

In this transitional period, kinda in-between seasons, one needs a transeasonal wardrobe, and I have found that in my new love affair with ridiculously oversized tees. Tees so long, my friends call them my nighties. They’re bloody brill.

Hat, Criminal Damage
Tee, Blood Brothers

Picked this one up in the Harvey Nichols sale, it’s an oversized style, but I got it in a XL anyway, for that added Hip-Hop flava. I wear it with meggings (read: leggings for men) and trainers.

Meggings, ASOS
Trainers, New Balance

These trainers are an odd pair, they’re made from a spongy material which makes them dead comfy. I love the neon flash too, always makes a statement.
Shades, Topman
Tee, BOY London

Then there’s this beauty, a BOY London tee with mesh arms, another Harvey Nichols bargain. I love wearing this one with leather look leggings and trainers. Great for a transeasonal look, as it’s airy enough for September humidity, but more covered than a summery vest.

Meggings, ASOS
Trainers, New Balance 
Another pair of neon New Balance trainers, in a bright yellow, a great accent to a dark outfit.

Of course, if I’m truly rocking a 90s Hip-Hop kinda look, I’ll need the wrist candy to go with it. This time, it comes courtesy of Timex and their limited edition Retro UG0118. It’s got that Grandad-hand-me-down feel and it’s just a little bit of fun to add to a daytime outfit. It comes with detachable wrist straps too for a brown and black leather option.

This post was written in line with my disclosure policy here


AW14 Look Book: Winter Coats

Ee by gum, it’s chilly isn’t it? So, what better time than now for a winter coats outfit post?


Military coat, All Saints, £70, TK Maxx

This coat is gorgeous, a simple slimline cut with military influences and one of those high cut necks that you can hide under when the wind is bad!

Boots, Deichmann, £30

A cheeky mention for my blingy snow boots. Just the right amount of leather-daddy, whilst being totally comfy too!

Fur collar coat, French Connection, £108

This is my everyday number, I bought it this season as an AW14 treat. it’s so comfy and warm! A slightly boxer fit than my military jacket, with a fur collar and zip-detail on the cuffs, it’s a subtle statement in itself.

Bomber, Dissident, £40, TK Maxx
 And now for something a little more urban. This bomber reminds me of that Madonna documentary, Truth Or Dare, Madz and the crew had black bombers for the tour and they were pretty cool, that’s why I love this. It screams ’90s think Sister Act II, Fresh Prince of Bell Air, you get the picture.


AW14 Look Book: Winter Jumpers

’tis the season to be wrapped up (fa la la la la, la la la la!) so here’s a selection of my pull-overs for the winter months.

Hamate2 25 Sweater, Boxfresh, £70

Celebrating 25 years of urban street-wear, Boxfresh have revealed their 25 collection, including this sci-fi style sweater. There’s cool air holes and reflective embellishments that make this sweater something out of StarTrek (in my mind) – I just hope I can keep it white for long enough! 

The hi-tops are pretty cool too, from the same line and in that dusty brushed chrome colour that’s perfect for transitional trends like sports luxe.

Disco Sweater, French Connection, £40
I love this colour, it reminds me of pick and mix and Saved By The Bell (everything reminds me of Saved By The Bell, it was a monumental piece of drama). I picked this cheeky number up at an FCUK outlet, because I’m a bargain-hunting-bitch-on-fire. etc.

Leather Look Sweater, Villain, £20, TK Maxx

Now, this is a jumper for standing up and posing in. It’s such a cool piece, but impossible to sit in without miraculously growing an ample bussum. I found out the hard way when I wore it to work on dress down Friday (or as I like to call it, dress up Friday) and promptly sat down in a meeting and nearly suffocated on the air-bag that protruded up from my chest.
Still, it’s a good all-rounder for the autumnal season, and is easily dressed up with a statement necklace for something swanky. 

Wolf Sweater, Criminal Damage, £19.99, TK Maxx

This sweater has a special place in my heart. Why? Well let me tell you. Back when I was studying my A Levels, I worked part-time in a factory that produced personalised goods for those free catalogues you get in the Sunday papers. Y’know the ones, with bean bag cubes made of your family photos and silver (effect) cutlery with your name engraved on etc. etc. One of the products that we made was a hideous zip-up fleece that was patterned with a tasteless atmospheric scene featuring wolves howling at the moon. I mean it was pretty disgusting and to top it all off, people had their names embroidered on the breast. My mother (who worked there) and I both found it hilarious that anyone would wear such a monstrosity and so this jumper pays homage to all that is gross in the world – but ironically, is totally fierce.


SS14 Look Book: Shootin’ hoops

Last on my list of American sports looks is Basketball, the one sport I was good at (read: not abysmal at) when at school! (American football and Baseball are here)

My look is a more paired down shootinhoops on the street kinda deal, over playing semi-pro. And by that I mean, I’m wearing it with denim shorts instead of sports shorts. Yagetme?

Hat, No Fear, SportsDirect, £5.00
Vest, Primark, £5.00
Shorts, Levi, COW Vintage, £18.00
Trainers, Nike, $36.99

I think this look would be a great foundation for something a little hoochie mamma too, add a little gold bling and a bomber jacket and I’m Vanilla Ice!
Also, just realised, the number on the tee is my age! Yeay.


SS14 Look Book: Home run

The trend for American sports inspired fashion comes around every so often and this time, I’ve grabbed it with both mitts. 

Channelling baseball realness here, with a number perfect for easy summer holidays, but with a quirky feel.

Hat, No Fear, SportsDirect, £5.00
Shades, RayBan
Tee, Pepsi, Primark, £5.00
Shorts, Primark, £8.00
 Shoes, Converse

It’s easy to look gimmicky in an outfit like this, but I say, fuck it. Fashion is a costume, so you might as well play the part. 


SS14 Look Book: Touch down

I’m not sure why, but I’m a little bit into perforated tees and vests at the moment. Especially sporty numbers. Who knew, I never even did P.E!

Well, anywho, it seems Primark shares my obsession. Wait, before you gasp, yes I went to the northern quarter to check out the vintage stores and their plethora of actual real-life American sportswear. But, it was all a little smelly AND real, so, there was room in those tops for armour and shit. They weren’t made for posing in. Hence my Primarni interlude and my £5-8 bargains, thank you very much!

First up, American football. Or as my dad says, Rugby for wusses. 

Shades, RayBan
Top, Coca-Cola, Primark, £5.00
Shorts, Primark, £8.00
Trainers, Adidas, Selfridges, £35.00 SALE

Look, I’m being sporty, and running! The top is a really nice fit, with an authentic feel, which is really important when one’s pretending one plays American football whilst sipping Pinot Grigio in the sun, y’know?

The trainers were a steal at the last Selfridges sale and serve me well at my weekly Circuits class. Yes, I do get some exercise.


SS14 Look Book: Prints Charming (pt II)

Prints, like a speckled rash, keep coming back. I love a good set of prints, clashing all over the place like a cheap reality show. Wear ’em with attitude plus the right accessories and you’re on to a winner.

However, rather than blinging it up with a look suitable for twerking, I thought best to showcase something daytime friendly, a truly charming prints story. Et voila.

Shorts, £10.00, TOPMAN SALE
Bag, Cambridge Satchel Company, £45.00, Selfridges SALE
Shoe, Rockport, £29.99, TK Maxx

NOTE: want to look like a pro-blogger, just clash a load of shit together and you’re done.

Tee, Criminal Damage, £20.00, TK Maxx


SS14 Look Book: 80s Casual

God I love the 1980s. I know everyone does, now that TOPMAN has been stuck there for the past 3 years, but I just love that hey-day American power look. And the boys looked hot.

Having said that, this look isn’t hey-day American power, but it has a touch of late 80s high-school jock (read: wannabe cheerleader) about it anyhow.

Cap, Fearless, £2.99, SportsDirect
Top, TOPMAN, £20
Dungeress, TOPMAN £30
HiTops, Converse, $29.99
Wrist strap, Denham, Gift

Not that bloggy is it? Nope, but it’s comfy, humorous and just the right side of boyish for a gentleman my age.


National Christmas Jumper Day 2013

So, 13th December is National Christmas Jumper day, who knew? Well, ASOS did apparently, that’s why they let me loose in their virtual jumper department to find a jumper with a little Christmas jeux ne se quois.

 photo tree_zps453b4185.jpg 

Me, posing casually with the upside-down Christmas tree at our window…

Whilst a novelty is, you know, a novelty, I wasn’t keen on adding a throw away item to my wardrobe to be worn once and never again (well, until next Christmas, anyway). Instead I opted for a suitably festive number, something down the Nordic Christmas route, but with a British heritage theme, by way of embroidered Mallards. Basically I copped out and just got a well nice knit that I’ll wear all winter!

  photo jumper_zpsedea4ae5.jpg 
I’m not a total Scrooge, I jazzed up the look with a metal lapel Reindeer pin, perfect for Crimbo as we’re having Venison!
  photo pin_zps31c4a2d7.jpg

Get your Christmas jumper now, just in time for the big day!