To celebrate moving house the boy and I hosted one of our dos. The theme was Greek Vs Romans and the dress was Toga. The night was amazing.
Adam as Neptune, God of the Ocean.
Sheet, Primark, £5 Dyed with Dylon
Seahorse arm bracelet, Primark, £3
Robe necklace as belt, Primark, £3
Trident, local market, £2, sprayed with metallic paint
Ribbon accessorized TOMs
Myself, Domestic God(ess)
All same as above except:
my bracelet is a snake
Necklace as Toga Tie, Primark, £4
Sandals, Luvsyababes, £6.99
Laurel, Luvsyababes, £1.99
Loo Brush/Scepter, Poundland, (you guessed it) £1
A Mediterranean themed banquet including feta and olives, sunblushed tomatos and mozzerella, hand-made stuffed vien leaves with cous cous, mint and lime and Adam’s favourite… pineapple and cheese on sticks..Pizza came later. 
The Pig’s Head was courtesy of Howarth’s Butchers of Urmston, the only Butchers that took my request seriously. Authentic much?
Can you spot the Grecia Statue? (courtesy of the mannequin stock at Dorothy Perkins)
 Who is whiter?
 We don’t usually have Roman shields on the wall…
The Balcony and her residents.

Oh lovely. A gaggle crowding around Aphrodite’s Aphrodisiac Pomegranate Punch
And so the night continued….

The Anti-Freshers’ Party

I can’t believe I didn’t blog this! I have been SO incredibly busy that I forgot to treat y’all to a little shindig report!

It was Freshers’ Week and we weren’t Freshers’ anymore so we decided, who needs Freshers’ Week when you can have an Anti-Freshers’ Week (which is pretty much the same thing but with more expensive drinks and a bit of Harvey Nichols thrown in)?

We hosted a bit of a do at ours and it was a giggle + 1/2.

In keeping with the Anti-Freshers’ theme we did away with ASDA’s own Party Snack Packs and RolaCola and instead opted for cocktails and a finer menu followed by debauchery and vodka shots. Classy.

Guests were greeted with Jordan & Adam’s Welcome Home punch complete with the biggest wedge of Pineapple in the world and an indoor sparkler – since we’re not Fresher Babies anymore we can be trusted with pyrotechnics.

Next we served freshly baked (if you don’t mind) Ciabatta bread with Extra Virgin (as if) Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar dipping oils.

After everyone scoffed those and we got to know the names, or there abouts, of the people we had never met, our came the mini jacket potatoes with cream fillings, (thousand island or mint yoghurt to you and I)

Shots were at this point an necessity, who needs shot glasses when you’re young, beautiful and stupid?

The last attempt we made to soba these children up was with Parma Ham and Honey Dew Melon sticks.

It was a right out knees-up and was a fabulous way to kick of A/W. After a fishbowl (i.e. the rest of the booze thrown into the punch bowl and sucked up by desperate people through straws) we meandered the Ashton Canal to fall into clubs and what not.


A First for Fallowfield

A dear friend of mine celebrated his birthday last night with a house party in his new home for his second academic year at The University of Manchester. For those who know Manchester, the student village is located to the south of the University Quarter and the City Centre, occupying the districts of Victoria, Rusholme (home to the Curry Mile) and Fallowfield. The latter of the three districts is the biggest with it’s own town centre and night scene. Needless to say I rarely venture south of M13 as I live in the City Centre and my studenty friends prefer coming up north to the bright lights of the city.

However, It was always going to happen, it was just a matter of when…. My first Student house party. Remarkably I’ve delayed the inevitable for the entirety of my Freshman year at University, but the night soon came.

Arriving at the footsteps of the quaint terrace which oozed nostalgia for Revolutionary Manchester in a quiet ex Mill Worker street I clutched Adam and Christopher’s birthday gift in anticipation of what the night would bring.

Chris hadn’t finished getting ready and we were the first to arrive… hmm.

After drying his hair, downing a few Cheeky Vs and his opening his presents the party began. Typical of a student party, so I am told, a DJ was promised but never materialised – so sounds whispered from an iDeck in the living room whilst the family living next door banged on the walls and uninvited guests threw shapes and their drinks. Conversation was bitchy and funny, I can’t remember anyone’s name and my outfit was a big hit. Score. Jelly-shots were passed around as some people called them Jell-o-shots and someone drank Sophie’s wine. The floor was slippery, not a seat could be found but smiles were upon faces right the way round. (aww)

With regards to the outfit: I decided to keep it cash, as the cool kids say, in a retro americana outfit which paid homage the school-like quality to the evening. I wore my new white patent and suede high tops from ZARA, stone washed drainpipe jeans from H&M, burgundy baggy vest from the TOPMAN SALE and a new American High School bomber jacket from ZARA. The cheery on the top of my proverbial cake, however, were the glasses which I handmade for the evening especially. Once again sticking to a retro school boy theme I emptied my pencil case and glued the little pencil crayons to my Calvin Harris raver shades to create a look fit for Gaga.

They broke, but their power will forever be remembered. As will my first for Fallowfield and Christopher’s student house party done in a ways only Christopher could do.