Puma 150x140 Static
Puma 150x140 Static

Puma 150x140 Static

Puma 150x140 Static

Guess who I bumped into the other day? PUMA! I was walking back from Uni and I heard a lot of music coming from Bloom Street. Sure enough it was the PUMA Rewind to go Forward Exhibit that has been touring the North West.

The exhibit consists of a bespoke lorry which transforms a la Hot Wheels into a Pop-Out shop! Complete with seats, historic footwear displays, digital media and a lot of shoes!

People were invited to clamber around the set and answer a question, the answer to which was found within the exhibit, to be in with the chance on winning some trainers!

You can follow the progress of this exhibit at their Facebook, the lorry will pull off out of Manchester at 6pm TONIGHT!

Nothing Can Harm You Here: The PUMA Store

An epic post.

This weekend is Manchester Pride. Kinda like a pretty brilliant party. Wanna see some snaps?

Firstly The Pride parade, the festival’s biggest ever so-far, that meandered from Deansgate right through the city to the Gay Village. Lots of people took part including the people from Barclay’s HQ in Manchester, Manchester Airport, LGBT Police, political groups, Manchester Libraries, bars, clubs, even Bella Italia had a float! It was a giggle to watch despite the drizzle!

Coronation Street cast and crew lead the Pride parade just behind Sir Ian McKellen!
(No photo of Ian as I was teetering up from Spinningfields after lunch slightly late for the parade when he was driven past! Failure of a wannabe journalist)

Spot the stars?

A Tractor..

The latest line from McQueen.
The boys from Eagle Bar.

Self explanatory…

LOVE the toy soldiers!

Me, Adam, James and a tiny bit of Karla, sheltering from the mini rain cloud that pissed on us momentarily.

And now. A little fashion (kinda) We dressed up for the evening segment of our Saturday madness. This year’s theme is ‘Through The Decades’ so after being tempted to pull of a Man Gaga (natch) I settled for 80s whilst Karla opted for Grease Chic with 50s and Adam Flower-Power 60s!

Adam making his Tie-Die T! Hehehe!

Me, Ferris Beuller’s best friend!
Tee, Truffle Shuffle.com
Jeans, H&M
High Tops, Puma
Bag, Karl Lagerfeld inspired!

Adam, the crazy daisy.
Tee, TOPMAN self dyed
Trousers, Joker’s Masquerade
The looks he got on canal Street, priceless.

Totally think the jacket (ahem, my jacket) makes this outfit!

And then we partied. More tomorrow including the Village Markets and Kelis. Little bit meg-excited.