Sanctuary from the City

Adam, our lovely friend Christopher and I visited Heaton Park yesterday for some peace and quiet outside of the city.

For those reading who aren’t from Manchester, Heaton Park is like Manchester’s answer to New York City’s Central Park. Sort of. 4 miles north of the City centre the estate, which has existed since the mid 14th century, is one of Europe’s biggest municipal parks and boasts an area of over 600 acres, a zoo, a few lakes, a tram way, horse riding stables, bowling greens, Beekeeping hives, a golf course, a museum and loads of trees, (quite the exciting feature for someone who lives amid concrete, glass and steel)! For those who do live in Manchester and had no idea it existed, go and have a looksee!

Our day was lovely, we ate strawberries and cream on the lawn in front of Heaton Hall, drank Jacques cider on a rowing boat out in the South Lake, I bought Bumble Bee Honey hand cream for £1 and we even saw a horse pee. It was a world away from dodging the drunk’s pee outside Weatherspoon’s in Piccadilly Gardens.

Enjoy the pictures.

Two exceptionally pale young men.

This horse didn’t pee, but it looked like Christopher

You can take the boy out of Fallowfield…
Tee, Abercrombie and Fitch
Jeans, River Island
Gladiator Sandals, TOPMAN
Canvas Bag, All Saints
Sports Hold-all, MINE 212 at Ryan Vintage

A genuinely happy pea.
Belt, MINE from River Island
Shorts, MINE ALSO, from Superdry
Espadrilles, TOM’s

The horse that pee’d!

Adam, trying not to look petrified.

Me, doing all the work as per.
Hat, ADAM’S Mango
Sunglasses, Ray Ban
Belt, H&M
Trousers, ZARA
Shoes, Barratts


Birthday Gifts: The Ray-Bans Strike!

Being the sort to really milk a good birthday I am dedicating the next few posts to some of my more fashionable birthday presents in an attempt to provoke interesting topical discussion and debate and of course boast outrageously about how lovely the people around me are. Moving on.

My first Birthday Gift post is dedicated to a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers given to me by my partner in crime, Adam. I was a little bit mega-totally-insanely excited when I opened the box (natch in a Selfridges&Co yellow bag). He opted for the classic tortoise shell colour which was the best choice in my eyes as, unlike the latest hue – bright red – they go with everything!

Ray Ban are an American brand that have been making face fashion since 1952 when their plastic frames were a radical change from metal eyewear. The glasses were very popular throughout the 50s and 60s but suffered slightly throughout the 70s which then saw a US$50,000 p/annum deal with cinema and televisual Product Placement company, Unique Product Placement, to place the classic wayfarer in films and TV shows. The wayfarer was back – and has been ever since.

The glasses have been associated with classic Americana since their launch and have donned the faces of the likes of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, US President John F Kennedy, Britney, Li Lo and now Jordan McDowell!

I love them so and shall wear them whilst doing the twist to my new favourite Wayfarer complimentary band, The Baseballs, a German band who sing modern UK and US chart toppers in milkshake-drinking 50s-Diner-Jukebox style. Their fashion is irresistible rose-tinted Americana and oozes reminiscences of reruns of Grease on Film4 and my ultimate wish to go to a drive in movie. All braces, combs, leather and turn-ups. Adam’s parents were sweet enough to buy me their album Strike.