Digital Marketing

Went to an event about Digital Marketing in the fashion sector a while back. Was dead interesting.
The world of Digital Marketing kinda interests me a bit and it is something I have started working in quite a bit lately. The art of becoming a YouTube sensation and having millions of Facebook Friends is something companies are desperate for and something companies are paying people in the know to do for them. Who’d have thought that all that time I spent on Facebook when I should have been listening in class would actually pay off? (stay in school kids)
Have a gander at this article about the event. (because I’m waiting for a curry and cba writing about it tbh)
Oh, and, what are your favourite online marketing campaigns?


Photos by Rebecca Rae

SEO, come again?

I got lost on the A-something the other day on my way to The E Word headquarters for a lightening speed introduction to Search Engine Optimisation Marketing. Thrilling I know. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to the method website owners use to increase their Search Engine rankings.

Al Mackin of The E Word, an award winning specialist SEO Consultancy, chaired the event for me and a few other webbies to learn all about ranking boosting tactics FOR FREE. Mackin began by letting us in on some industry stats. First and foremost, Google pretty much are King. 92% of all online searches performed in Jan 2010 alone were through Google, 3% for Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo and 1% for the rest of the little ones. Of these searches 60% performed on Google were successful and linked searchers with their desired site, 80% performed on Yahoo were also successes. Despite this dip The E Word still spend 89% of their client’s money on Google advertising and SEO initiatives.

What was interesting about the presentation was the introduction of SEO via Social Media. The E Word credit sites like Facebook as valuable tools to advertise with, free company pages are also a clever way to increase both Google rankings and general website traffic. Mackin also said that Twitter is important to website owners wanting to boost Google ratings. If Twitter feeds are linked to websites, their regular updates can boost visibility to Google. Regular updates to websites are also needed to help websites remain on the surface of the web and for Google to see them easily. 100+ updates pcm would be best, websites owners can get close to this with editorial sections to their sites.

Why do all this boosting? What’s in it for you and your website? Well, a jump from Google position two to one can see a visitor increase of 300%… wait for it, from number ten to one, an increase of 2200%! I know, scary.

So, link a Twitter feed to your site, get a Facebook, either update an editorial section regularly or link in a blog. AND. There is one more tip to help your SEO stats for free. Leave HTML tags on other sites and blogs. When commenting on Newspaper articles, BBC pages and forums leave tags as this will help Google see your URL more easily. If you can get sites like the BBC, your local creditable newspaper etc. to link your site on their pages all the better as Google favours ‘authority’ sites.