Spinningfields Screenfields Sex And The City Best Dressed Competition

I was asked by Spinningfields, the new corporate and financial district of Manchester, to judge a competition. 
Perhaps it was to assess the most ecological of the Banks whose HQ are within Spinningfields, perhaps I was to judge the talent of the chefs at any one of the districts restaurants. 
No… I was to find the Best Dressed of the attendees who braved the unpredictable weather to sit on grass and watch Sex And The City: The Movie on the outdoor big screen.
This is the life of a fashion boy.
You can read all about how I got on at the newly resurrected The Fashion Network Blog here.
Oh and, here is what I wore to judge other’s for what they wore….

Jacket, Current/Elliot, BlackWhiteDenim, £275.00
Tee, Chea Mondays, Urban Outfitters, £22.00
Jeans, Wrangler, £80.00
Boots, Primark, £5.00

See the night’s proceedings here.


Fairytale of New York, Part IV

WARNING, those of you that do not appreciate Sex And the City discontinue reading (and buy the boxed set immediately!)
Sex and the City - The Complete Series (Collector's Giftset)
Those of you that do, will appreciate that an NYC trip wouldn’t have been complete without Mother and I (what-a-gay) dragging Adam on a SATC Tour Bus for three and a half hours of fucking hilarious SATC times.
We were picked up outside The Plaza (a must for my next trip methinks) on Fifth, the scene of the:
Carrie: Your girl is very lovely, Hubbell
Big: I don’t understand,
Carrie: You never did…
What a killer! We were then whisked off in a superbly comfortable coach (with a loo, you don’t see that these days in the UK) and two screens for SATC clips galore.
The tour took us right through the city to highlight some of the major scenes and destinations that were featured in the HBO series and in the two movies. 
The first stop took us to The Pleasure Chest XXX Shop where Charlotte purchased her bunny (Ahem), we also stopped at Budhakan, the scene of the (first) rehearsal dinner in the first movie (yes it is as gorgeous as on the screen). We then paid a visit to the park in The Village where Miranda smacked her face off the floor in front of Steve’s new girlfriend (who works at MasterCard) Debbie. Oh yes. 
 Us, unaware that Adam intended to take a pissing photo…
Us, slightly more aware…
We were treated to cupcakes here and got to shop in FRESH, home of products actually slapped onto SJP’s face and featured in the show. I got a lipbalm and Mother bought out their soap stock. Loads of other locations were spotted INCLUDING ‘Pastis’ where Samantha chucked a Dirty Martini in Richard’s face and said:
Dirty Martini? Dirty Bastard.
HAHAHA! It was here that we saw Russell Brand, randomly…
Lastly we indulged in Cosmopolitans at Aiden and Steve’s bar, Scout (actually called O’Neill’s). 
I recommend it to EVERYONE. Even Adam had a laugh and he was included in our reference to the show because our lovely guide (Staci) showed us clips on board the coach. So there is no excuse.
Book here.


New York, New York

So. I’m off to New York City on Friday (very exciting). Off for shops, culture, shops, SexAndTheCity tours and more shops. I’ve never been to the city before and am so looking forward to experiencing it for myself and to be able to say, “well, when I was in New York..”. Not so keen on the bed-bug scenario…I have bug-spray.

The map that forms the centre of the New York Issue and the plans for our trip!

I’ve been studying the Stylist Magazine: New York Issue from back in May, it has been like a Bible, to meticulously plan every milisecond of my visit (much to the worry of the two poor souls accompanying me). It was great because it informed me of places I didn’t think existed, like Justin Timberlake’s (not-at-all-hurtful-on-the-wallet) restaurant in the Upper East Side or the Boat House Restaurant in Central Park where Carrie and Big fell in the pond. (yes there is a distinctive SATC vibe running through this trip, I blame Mother).

Want to see the preliminary itinerary?

I’ll post once I’m back. Be good.