No Arms

I have a new habit. It is a little odd. I hope you don’t judge. I like to rip the sleeves of shirts and pretend that it was the way nature intended. I have lots of shirts. Lots. And I have got bored of them. I have been getting that numb feeling when I open my wardrobe and think, but I’m bored of ALL of you. This is certainly one way of eradicating that feeling.
It all began with a £2 purple find in the TOPMAN sale. A cropped sleeve T that I kinda like lots and that sculpts my arms into something not resembling skinny rakes. I wanted more of this..
So. I began with an old manky blue cotton shirt from Burton that I’m sure wasn’t mine to begin with. I lobbed off the arms five minutes before Jordan Steven’s birthday party and wonder-webbed the edges. Snip, snap, iron, dabb, button, done. It was an experiment but it was also a hit, as was my dancing that night.
I had the taste for it. It was like a drug, I’d found a niche, a signature. I trawled Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the vintage shops for more specimens (I know, perhaps not exactly the best way to spruce up an existing wardrobe).
During my trawl I had an argument with a guy in one shop over his inability to haggle and my sheer determination to NOT pay the full asking price for second hand merch. However, I then stumbled across a Wrangler denim shirt in a rival store. The shirt was a treasure: W pocket stitching and some really nice ceramic studs all the way down the middle. I got her down to £20 from £22.50 and then whipped out my student discount for 10% off. Not bad?
Here’s to a new relationship. Me and my arms.

Suits you?

Online bespoke tailoring service A Suit That Fits are offering a career starting chance to budding designers to have their designs made and sold! Quite the leg-up don’t ya think?

A Suit That Fits are running a competition which offers young budding designers the chance to submit their designs to be in the running to be created and sold online at, and event generating a 10% income p/sale for the three winners!

A judging panel will narrow all submissions down to just 10, which will then face the British Public! The judges are T4’s Rick Edwards, The Online Fashion Agency’s Leon Bailey-Green, Alan Cannon-Jones from LCF and Mighel Critton, the Product Development Manager for A Suit That Fits.

Designs need to be in for the 31st of March and can be submitted by:

emailed in .PDF or .JPEG format to

or posted to, Design Competition, The Biscuit Factory, J411/12, 100 Clements Road, Bermondsey, London, SE16 4DG.
All designs must incorporate the A Suit That Fits fabrics, which can be see here, and consist of a minimum of a trouser, coat and shirt.


The Denim Doctor

I went to see the Doctor the other day. Not just any Doctor, oh no, The Denim Doctor. I was interested to meet the man that has reinvented tailoring, certainly in the North West, and was surprised to step into one of the most interesting work shops I’ve ever seen.
James Personal Tailoring & Son is on Cross Street in Manchester and has recently opened a new surgery for old and worn denim. Mike Pendlebury (the ‘Son’ of the business name) began the venture to help attract customers who would other wise not use a bespoke service.
If you’re interested in learning a little more about The Denim Doctor and his range of amazing services, click here
If you’re interested in the amazing workshop, scroll down.
Could this be any more British?
That’s my coffee cup…

The entrance, on the wall are photos of the Tailor’s famous clients. Click here to see more.