John Lewis’ Edition Magazine

So, who else stumbled across the John Lewis ‘Edition’ magazine and didn’t tell me? I was mooching around the John Lewis store at Manchester Trafford Centre a while back, buying a memory foam pillow if you must know.  (It’s an amazing pillow that supports my neck and doubles as the perfect weapon in a pillow fight. Like being knocked out by a car door.)
Anyway, I was paying for said pillow/weapon and I saw this. I picked it up dutifully and popped it in my bag. It wasn’t until I got home and the Boyf was flicking through it that we realised it was actually rather good!
It looks like a real magazine. You know, rather that in-store advertorial. It’s packed, interesting and has relevant things to say about men’s style.

I’m impressed. Not only this but it isn’t written by a bunch of Marketing Execs either (Not that this is always a bad thing). It’s written by Journo types like The Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley and Luke Leitch from The Telegraph. 
The Autumn issue is out now. Test the memory foam pillow whilst you’re there. To die for.