To celebrate moving house the boy and I hosted one of our dos. The theme was Greek Vs Romans and the dress was Toga. The night was amazing.
Adam as Neptune, God of the Ocean.
Sheet, Primark, £5 Dyed with Dylon
Seahorse arm bracelet, Primark, £3
Robe necklace as belt, Primark, £3
Trident, local market, £2, sprayed with metallic paint
Ribbon accessorized TOMs
Myself, Domestic God(ess)
All same as above except:
my bracelet is a snake
Necklace as Toga Tie, Primark, £4
Sandals, Luvsyababes, £6.99
Laurel, Luvsyababes, £1.99
Loo Brush/Scepter, Poundland, (you guessed it) £1
A Mediterranean themed banquet including feta and olives, sunblushed tomatos and mozzerella, hand-made stuffed vien leaves with cous cous, mint and lime and Adam’s favourite… pineapple and cheese on sticks..Pizza came later. 
The Pig’s Head was courtesy of Howarth’s Butchers of Urmston, the only Butchers that took my request seriously. Authentic much?
Can you spot the Grecia Statue? (courtesy of the mannequin stock at Dorothy Perkins)
 Who is whiter?
 We don’t usually have Roman shields on the wall…
The Balcony and her residents.

Oh lovely. A gaggle crowding around Aphrodite’s Aphrodisiac Pomegranate Punch
And so the night continued….